Vietnam Visa for Monégasque citizens

The process of applying online for a Vietnamese visa for Monégasque citizens has been simplified and adjusted for traveler convenience. Each person intending on crossing the Vietnamese border is obliged to obtain an electronic visa (eVisa). It is required by the government to apply with at least 72 h (three working days) before your departure.

A specialized team will verify your data during the mentioned time frame, and you will be contacted if any further action is essential.

Once your application is processed and adjusted accordingly to the government of Vietnam requirements, it will be sent to the Department of Immigration.

Usually, the processing time does not exceed 72 hours; however, if it does, there is absolutely no reason for you to worry about it. Sometimes, due to the massive amount of applications overflowing the government of Vietnam, the government must take a longer time than expected to approve one’s visa. The time for which your application will be processed does not influence the outcome in any way.

Once granted, your eVisa will need to be taken with to the airport in the physical form (printed out version), so that the customs officials can verify each detail with your passport once again.

What should I prepare before applying online for a Vietnam visa for Monégasque citizens, and what are the requirements for business and tourism visitors?

The system of obtaining an electronic visa is usually linked with the tourist purpose of stay in the country territory.

However, when it comes to an eVisa in Vietnam, the government has introduced a possibility of either a business or leisure authorization.

The processing time in both cases stands the same. There are no additional charges or documentation required while traveling to Vietnam as a tourist or business visitor.

Before you apply for an electronic Vietnam visa for Monégasque citizens, you must prepare your passport, credit card, and a valid email address.

To complete an online form, you won’t be needing more than just a few minutes. The majority of data you will be requested for has been noted in your passport.

Prepare to provide the most basic contact details such as your address and email address, or phone number. Apart from the necessary information, you will also be expected to attach a few additional documents in a digital form.

Whether you are traveling as a business visitor or a tourist, you will need to connect two papers.

The first one is a passports’ biodata page copy. All four corners need to be visible on the final scan, and it can’t have any glares. Apart from the biodata page copy, you will also be expected to attach a photograph of an applicant (it doesn’t need to be a professional photograph).

If you are currently unable to attach any of the above mentioned, or you have experienced some technical difficulties, contact and connect the required to your message.

What are the steps of applying for an e-Visa for Vietnam?

The entire process has been simplified into three manageable steps. In the first one, you will be requested to provide the essential data. Prepare to provide information regarding your current occupation, home address, passport details, and port of entry to Vietnam.

There will be plenty of options for entry available for each applicant to choose from. Each person is obliged to choose either a land crossing, an airport, or a seaport.

Once you have verified all the details you have put in your application, you will be able to proceed to the next part of applying online for an eVisa for Vietnam. In the second step, you will be requested to provide all the required documents.

If you are unable to provide the mentioned at the time of filling out the application, you can attach them at your earliest convenience to your request by sending them via email to

The final part of applying online consists of conducting an online payment. There will be plenty of options for you to choose from.

Once you have learned all the requirements and steps of applying online for an electronic Vietnam visa for Monégasque citizens, apply now

Vietnam Visa for Monégasque citizens

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