Vietnam Visa for UAE citizens

Vietnam is a unique country with many features so fascinating that everyone wants to learn about it. For example, Hanoi’s Old Town has 36 streets, each representing a different trade.

All the workshops are open for tourists to learn how the different trades are carried out where many of them are millenary.

Its streets, in particular, are named after a commodity, for example, the fish street is called Hang Ca and the bronze street is called Hang Dong.

If you would like to witness each of these trades you only need a valid passport and an e-visa to Vietnam to enter the country.

Essential tricks for UAE to apply for an e-Visa to Vietnam

Fortunately, UAE citizens who are traveling to Vietnam for tourism or business can apply for an e-visa which will allow you to stay in the country for 30 days. The application for electronic travel authorization can be done via the internet for the convenience of the traveler.

By the internet, the UAE citizen only has to fill out a form, which represents the application for the e-visa. Then, the citizen cancels the expenses with a credit card and only has to wait for the approval.

The trick for a UAE citizen to be approved in less than 72 hours is that you need to correctly enter all your data, without any spelling errors, your e-mail has to be active to be able to receive the notifications related to your e-visa and your phone number also needs to be updated in case the agents want to verify the information directly with the traveler.

Tips for taking a road trip through Vietnam

Once the UAE citizen is approved with an e-visa to Vietnam, you can travel around the country and visit the beautiful ethnic villages, enjoy the high mountains, explore the vast rice fields and enjoy the incredible coastline.

However, we bring you some recommendations to make the most of your road trip to Vietnam.

The main aspect is to know how to ask for help when you are lost on the road, as the Vietnamese are very friendly but shy when speaking English, so first, you should speak slowly and calmly so they can give you the directions you need.

Although you will find it practical to carry a cell phone with GPS and buy a sim card at the airport to keep you connected to the internet throughout your trip.

To travel long distances you can use the night buses because it will help you save money on accommodation, you will take more advantage of the time and you can visit more places during your trip.

You can wear masks and headphones in case you want to escape from the bus environment, as some of them usually display movies during the ride.

Finally, in Vietnam applications such as uber is useful in case you want to move within a city by taxi. Motorcycle taxis are faster but if you are not used to it, you may find it a bit overwhelming.

Must-see stops for UAE citizens at Hanoi, Vietnam

UAE citizens with their e-visa to Vietnam usually go directly to Hanoi for the incredible alternatives to learn about culture, do sports activities, and enjoy delicious typical Vietnamese food.

  • The first stop is at the main lake called Hoàn Kièm lake, to see the beauty of the red bridge and take pictures of the place.
  • Then your second stop should be the Mausoleum of Ho Chi Minh, where the body of the leader and hero of many Vietnamese called Ho Chi Minh is kept. The entrance to the mausoleum is free although you are not allowed to take photographs out of respect for the culture.
  • Finally, you must visit the Cong Caphé coffee shop where you can sit and enjoy its rich coffee, in fact, if you ask for a coffee with milk, for the Vietnamese milk means condensed milk. In general, the coffee prepared in Vietnam is quite creamy and has a chocolate flavor that will surprise you. Besides, you can choose to drink it hot or cold.

In short, traveling to Vietnam is an experience that will leave you with incredible unforgettable moments, since the Vietnamese are so unique with their traditions but their people preserve magic, kindness, and hospitality that will make you want to return to Vietnam more than once.

Vietnam Visa for UAE citizens

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