Vietnam Visa for Spanish citizens

Did you know that Vietnam was part of China until 938 A.D.? At that time, the Chinese called the people from this region “Viet”, and since this region was in the south “Nam” the new country was called Vietnam, or better known as “the people from the south”.

Nowadays it is one of the most populated countries, with a sum of 90 million inhabitants that increases every year and what will surprise you, even more when you visit it, is that most of them use motorcycles, you could even notice there are 15 million motorcycles in circulation.

What is great, is that if you are a Spanish citizen who wishes to travel for the first time to Vietnam, you can do it easily with an e-visa, which you request via the Internet. Although if you would like to know much more about it, we recommend you to keep reading this article.

Mistakes to avoid when applying for an e-visa to Vietnam

As it is very easy to obtain an e-visa to Vietnam, you may make small mistakes during your application that may delay your approval. Therefore, our team of experts lists the main ways to make mistakes and how to avoid them when applying for an e-visa.

  • Avoid sending the application form without having reviewed the data you have entered. Especially the passport number, email and phone number, these data are key as they allow the team of experts to communicate with you and the passport number which identifies you abroad, if any of the data is misspelled, it will delay the approval process.
  • The credit card must be enabled for online payments, this is important because when you cancel the service expenses, it will fail and it is not due to lack of funds but for not having the option enabled. To correct this, you only have to enter your bank’s website and enable the online payment option.
  • When filling out the form, the reason for the trip must be specified, since a Spanish citizen can travel to Vietnam for two reasons, the first for business and the second for tourism. It is wrong when a Spanish citizen plans to move to this country with an e-visa since this travel authorization does not have such a purpose.
  • Although the approval time is fast, the maximum is 72 hours, don’t wait until the last minute to apply for your e-visa to Vietnam.
  • Ideally, you should apply for the electronic travel authorization, then purchase the plane tickets and make the hotel reservations, however, if you have left the application until the last minute, you can contact customer service 96 hours in advance so they can help you with the approval process.

The 3 most beautiful places in Vietnam every Spanish must-visit

Actually, in Vietnam, there are a lot of beautiful places to visit, however, our team of experts shows you the 3 best ones so at the moment of the approval of your e-visa to Vietnam you can put it into your itinerary to get the most out of your trip.

  1. Located in the Gulf of Tonkin, on the north coast of Vietnam, is Ha Long Bay, which has been declared a world heritage site by UNESCO. There, Spanish travelers cruise through the beautiful emerald waters and dramatic rock formations of the area.
  2. Hoi An is a city that preserves a balance between the old and the modern since the war did not impact its buildings, so you will find many Chinese, Japanese, and French details in its streets, especially in those buildings with centuries of ancient. It is also known as a world heritage site.
  3. No Spanish citizen leaves Vietnam without having visited Da Nang, as it has long coasts with rich white sand beaches also mixed with a mountainous environment and excellent Western restaurants. If you would like to participate in the fireworks festivals, these are organized from March to July. However, from March to April is when you can do mountain trekking under a warm and dry atmosphere.

Traveling to Vietnam should be on the list of all Spanish travelers, as they will experience an unforgettable vacation within beautiful landscapes and cities full of history to tell.

Vietnam Visa for Spanish citizens

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