Vietnam Visa for Liechtenstein citizens

Vietnamese visa for Lichtenstein citizens is no longer a time-consuming process. After plenty of adjustments made by the government, the entire process can be completed online.

An applicant doesn’t need to make an appointment with the closest Embassy or a consulate. Just a few minutes of spare time will be sufficient to complete an online form for an electronic visa (eVisa) to Vietnam.

This is an authorization that doesn’t need to be stuck into the passport. Once it’s approved, each applicant receives an email with the pdf file that needs to be printed out and carried with to the airport.

While traveling with an approved eVisa, there won’t be any additional charges required at the airport. Customs officials will only request you for a valid passport with which you have applied with a printed out eVisa in a physical form.

It’s also a wise idea to save the attachment on any mobile device you are planning on flying to Vietnam with. Just in case the printed out version gets mislocated.

What are the requirements in the process of applying for a Vietnamese visa for Lichtenstein citizens, and which documents are essential?

One of the most relevant factors while planning on obtaining an eVisa for Vietnam as a Lichtenstein citizen is selecting the intended point of entry during your application process.

Make sure that while applying, you will be certain already if you will be arriving via air, sea, or land. The other essential factor that might decide that you need to undertake additional actions is when your passport remains valid.

Each person who is planning on going to Vietnam with an eVisa is compelled to make sure that the validity period of the document they are planning on applying with exceeds six months (180 days).

Even if you complete the application form by providing all information you will request and attach all the essential documents; it won’t be processed if you fail to meet the requirements mentioned above.

Travelers who plan on obtaining an electronic visa, will not be obliged to provide any of the essential documents in the physical form.

Each of them will have to be attached in a digital way to either the online application form or via email to the following email address:

The Vietnamese government requires the same documents, regardless of the intended purpose of stay in the country from Lichtenstein citizens applying for an electronic visa.

Either tourists and business visitors are obliged to provide only two additional documents; a passports’ biodata page and a photograph of an applicant. Both of them need to be clear and without any glares.

All four corners of the passports’ biodata page need to be included in the final scan, including the two bottom lines. As for the requirements concerning the photograph, it doesn’t need to be a professionally taken picture.

How does the application process of applying for a Vietnamese visa for Lichtenstein citizens online look like?

The process of applying online for an electronic visa for Vietnam can be separated into three manageable steps.

  • In the first part, you will only be requested to provide the most basic personal information.
  • Data such as your name surname date of birth or current occupation will need to be provided. In this part, you will also be requested to choose from the enlisted your intended point of entry.
  • If you are still unsure about your travel arrangements, you can submit your application by putting “na” into gaps that you are still uncertain about, and a member of the support team will contact you via email.
  • The next part of the application requires the applicant to attach the essential documentation such as passports’ biodata page copy and a photograph of an applicant.

If you are currently unable to provide any of the abovementioned, you can give them at a more convenient time on

To complete an online form for a Vietnamese electronic visa, you will be expected to choose the most suitable payment method from plenty of them available on the platform.

Now that you have learned all the essential steps of applying for an eVisa for Lichtenstein, citizens click on the link and apply online!

Vietnam Visa for Liechtenstein citizens

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