Vietnam Visa for Latvian citizens

The government of Vietnam has recently introduced the citizens of Latvia with the possibility of obtaining a visa online.

Plenty of adjustments have been made, which has made the entire process of applying for an electronic visa much more simplistic and convenient. As long as you are a tourist or a business visitor, you are eligible to apply online for a Vietnam visa for Latvian citizens.

Each applicant now needs to submit an application only within a three days advance instead of making an appointment with the closest embassy a month before the departure to Vietnam.

Once the government grants an electronic visa (eVisa) to the citizen of Latvia, an email is sent with a pdf file that needs to be printed out and carried to the airport. There is no need to acquire any additional stickers to the passport or to cover any fees at the airport.

Customs officials will only request for the passport (that has been used in the application process) and a valid, granted eVisa. The document entitles each Latvian citizen to stay in the country territory for a maximum of 30 days, forming the appointed time frame.

With that in mind, even if your departure is not taking place within a year or two, you can still apply online for an eVisa and have your travel authorization prepared for your holidays or business trip

What are the requirements for an electronic visa, and what documents should one prepare while applying online?

An essential requirement for each person intending to travel to Vietnam in the foreseeable future is to ensure that passport validity exceeds six months (180 days) from the intended date of entry.

If the applicant fails to meet the following requirement, one’s application might be rejected by the Immigration Department of the Vietnamese government, or the traveler might be denied boarding.

While a passport is close to its expiry date, it’s recommended that the applicant applies for a new passport before applying for an eVisa.

The documents required by the government of Vietnam stay the same no matter what purpose you are planning to visit the country; business or tourism.

One of the most relevant parts of applying online for an electronic visa is to make sure that that all documents have been attached in the requested quality.

The first one is a copy of the passports’ biodata page. It has to be clear and free of any glares. All four corners must be visible on the final scan (including two bottom lines).

Apart from the passport biodata page copy, each applicant is compelled to attach a photograph of oneself. It doesn’t need to be a professional photograph. The most important part is to remember to make it on the bland background since it will be visible on the final scan.

How can one apply online for a Vietnam visa as a Latvian citizen?

To apply online for a Vietnam visa for Latvian citizens, each person has to prepare a device with Internet access, a valid email address, and a credit card.

There are three manageable steps each applicant has to follow. Firstly, there will be a request to provide the essential data such as the address, contact details (email address and phone number), and passport details.

Make sure that the contact data you have provided is accurate to avoid any delays and miscommunications.

The second part of completing the application consists of the applicant attaching the required documentation.

If you want to apply now, you don’t have the necessary documents on hand; you can provide the documents on the later date as an attachment to an email to the following email address:

In the final step of applying for an eVisa, you will be able to select the most convenient payment method from the plenty available on the website.

After your payment is received, you will receive a confirmation email informing you that your application has been received and that your application is underway

In this message, you will also be able to find an application number (application ID) that consists of nine digits and two slashes in between. It’s recommended that you save it if you have any further inquiries regarding the status of your application.

Since you have now learned how to apply online for a Vietnam visa as a Latvian citizen, click on the link and apply online!

Vietnam Visa for Latvian citizens

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