Vietnam Visa for Macedonian citizens

Vietnam is one of the main destinations chosen by Macedonian citizens as they can be dazzled by the beauty of Ha-Long Bay to the north, or visit the historic Imperial city of Thang Long, capital for eight centuries.

During the trip, you can visit the monumental complex of Hue, wherewith European influences the imperial city was built in Southeast Asia.

But if you want to see a wonder of nature, you can visit the Dunes of Mui Ne, where its attraction is that the dunes are golden, white, and often red. Although you’re probably wondering what you need to do to travel to Vietnam, so read on for details below.

Steps every Macedonian citizen has to follow to travel to Vietnam

Before you pack your bags, as a Macedonian citizen you are responsible for complying with certain legal requirements to enter Vietnam.

Like most countries, you are expected to have a visa, but there is a possibility that if your trip is only for tourism and does not exceed 30 days you can enter the country using an e-visa to Vietnam, which is synonymous with electronic travel authorization.

The citizen must have a passport issued in Macedonia to apply for the e-visa.

A simple method for Macedonian citizens to apply for an e-visa to Vietnam

For the benefit of Macedonian citizens, applying for an e-visa to Vietnam can be done from the comfort of your home, since the application form is completed online, so you can do it calmly at the time that suits you best.

On the other hand, the form is in English for your greatest convenience. The process can be performed at any time of the year having at your disposal a team ready to serve all your needs.

Although this should not worry you since the application form is very simple to complete, you only have to enter your data and without transcription errors, the passport number, phone number, and email, since these are the most important means of your application.

You should know that your electronic travel authorization is linked to your passport number so it is vital the passport is valid throughout your trip.

Once completed, the Macedonian citizen has to make a small payment with a credit card which refers to the expenses generated by the service, the good news is that most international banks are accepted.

Finally, the Macedonian citizen will be benefited with an e-visa to Vietnam in a period not longer than 72 hours, so you must be attentive to your email, to avoid that communications regarding your e-visa by mistake enter the spam folder.

The approval response and your proof of satisfactory payment are sent by email.

How can a Macedonian citizen make the most of a stay in Vietnam?

Using an e-visa to Vietnam, the Macedonian citizen can enjoy all the tourist attractions of the country without any limitations. However, there is one side of Vietnam that is rarely mentioned, and that is its nightlife.

Vietnam’s nightlife will leave you speechless, as you will find it very hectic, lively, joyful, especially in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, recognized as the most important cities in the country.

You can dance all night long in the Saigon Loco Buffalo nightclub located in the center of Ho Chi Minh City.

It is one of the places you cannot ignore thanks to its striking neon lights and different signs that invite you to the place. Best of all, this famous nightclub is open 24 hours a day and offers delicious food and drinks.

Another place you will want to visit is the DC Club of Saigon, which has the most impressive strobe lights, a surround sound system and the best dance floor to enjoy non-stop.

The club offers the most exclusive selection of talented DJs and the most efficient service you will ever see. No doubt you will have your fun guaranteed.

So it is a good time to visit Vietnam because it is a country that offers you varied alternatives for all tastes and ages, so requesting your e-visa to Vietnam is a good idea to start a fabulous journey that will fill you with both knowledge and good times.

Vietnam Visa for Macedonian citizens

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