Vietnam Visa for Lithuanian citizens

What is the difference between a regular visa and an electronic one?

The process of applying for a regular visa is extremely time-consuming. It often requires traveling to another city and making an appointment with the closest Embassy or consulate.

There are plenty of documents that need to be scanned at provided to the Immigration Officers in person. The processing time in case of a regular visa might take up to a month.

If your application gets declined you will have to go through the same process once again. If you would be seeking an explanation of why the previous one has been refused, once again you would need to make an appointment and request further explanation yourself.

The degree to which the whole process was complicated decided that the government decided to introduce a new, effortless, and agile way of applying for a Vietnamese visa for Lithuanian citizens.

The innovation of the method of obtaining an electronic visa online is that each traveler can enroll an application form without having to leave their home. To complete the online process, Lithuanian visitors do not need to leave their homes.

This method of obtaining required travel authorization takes just a few minutes. There is no need to make appointments with government officials or to provide physical copies of documents.

What should you prepare before you apply for an electronic visa (eVisa) as a citizen of Lithuania, and what are the requirements?

Before you apply for an eVisa for Vietnam, you should make sure that you’re a holder of a regular, valid Lithuanian passport.

This is the only document that authorizes Lithuanians to apply for an electronic visa. During the application process, you will be requested for various information that all can be verified with the data noted in your passport.

That’s why it’s advised to prepare your passport before you start completing the application. There is also one additional requirement each applicant has to meet in order to get an electronic visa.

Passport validity has to exceed 180 days (six months).

If the applicant fails to meet the following requirement, the application might not be reviewed by the government, or declined. It’s always advised to apply for a new passport in case of such an event.

How and where can you apply for an eVisa?

To apply for an online visa, you should prepare a device with Internet access, your passport, and an email address. There are a few easy steps you will be requested to follow during completing the application form.

In the first part of the application process, you will only need to provide the most essential data. Apart from your personal data, passport details, and information regarding your occupation, there will be also a gap in which you will be requested to put your email address.

Make sure to provide the correct, valid information, without any spelling errors to avoid any delay in communication.

In the second stage of applying for the Vietnamese eVisa, you will also be requested to attach to additional documents in a digital form.

The first one is a copy of the biodata page of your passport. It has to be clear and legible without any glares. Make sure that all four corners are visible on the final scan.

The other document that is required by the Vietnamese government is a photograph of an applicant. It doesn’t need to be a professional photograph, however, you have to make sure that the background of the photo remains plain.

This photograph will be visible on the final document. Once you have completed the second step, you will be transferred to the payment platform on which you will be able to select the most convenient payment method from the enlisted

If you already know when you will travel to Vietnam, click on the link, and apply now.

What are the benefits of applying for an eVisa online?

The main advantage of using an online service instead of a regular one, is the amount of time you will be saving. It’s no longer required to travel to the closest Embassy or to make an appointment in advance.

Whenever you will have a device with Internet access, you can apply online for an eVisa to Vietnam. If you would have any inquiries regarding your application at any stage, you can contact a qualified team via phone or email.

Trained team members are available to answer all your questions 7 days per week. If you ever were to lose your approved eVisa, it can be always resent to the email address you have provided in the application.

Vietnam Visa for Lithuanian citizens

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