Vietnam visa for Irish citizens

Applying for Vietnam visa for Irish citizens

There are no worries if you are an Irish Citizen and you require a Vietnam visa. After reading this article, you will see that the visa procedure is not so complicated as you thought.

Vietnam visa for Irish citizensThe application for Vietnam visa for Irish citizens can be submitted six months before the travel date. It’s best to make the request soon to avoid undesired administrative problems.


  1. Applying for Vietnam visa for Irish citizens
  2. Requirements when applying for Vietnam visa for Irish citizens
  3. Issuing of visa

Requirements when applying for Vietnam visa for Irish citizens

If you are an Irish Citizen and you need a Vietnam Visa, you need to submit the necessary documentation.

Firstly, you are required to duly complete and sign the application form with the recent passport size photographs.

If you are travelling with children, then you must submit separate forms and photographs as well as their birth certificates. You also need to present the valid passport or any other authorised Vietnam visa for Irish citizenstravel document having a validity of a minimum of three months beyond the scheduled departure from the Irish Area with its copy.

Also, you have to provide a copy of the travel itinerary with a confirmed reservation and if relevant, a letter from your employer with information about your business tour.

Moreover, it is essential for you to submit the evidence of possession of appropriate finances for backing your stay in the Vietnam Land and for the return journey at the expiry of the Vietnam Visa. You will also have to pay fees for the process of visa processing which is not refundable even if your visa application gets rejected.

Furthermore, the most important thing without which you will not be issued the Vietnam Visa is the Vietnam visa insurance. This is a health insurance policy which covers your stay in the Vietnam territory.

Some insurance companies provide the medical visa insurance Vietnam coverage you require. The majority of them do not need you to undergo a medical test, and you can buy it online.

Your insurance certificate is sent to you instantly via email. So do buy your insurance as it will be required to be provided at the time of filing for visa application. Take care of the proper submission of these documents and get your Vietnam Visa issued for travelling to the Vietnam Region.

Issuing of visa

Some embassies may request a visa approval from the Immigration Department.

In that case, you may visit them to obtain this approval letter via email in less than two days. Processing time It usually takes 3-5 business days to issue the visa.

Vietnam visa for Irish citizensThe embassy may provide fast-track service that could speed up the process. And of course, the additional fee for this service will be required.

In case your visa delays, you can contact the Vietnam visa issuing agency in Irish, so that they can they tell the reason for this.

If you had given out wrong information you will be denied the Vietnam visa. In some cases you may be even barred by the Irish government from travelling outside the country depending on the issues that you lied against.

Therefore, you must make sure that you give correct information when you are applying for Vietnam visa for Irish citizens.


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