Applying for vietnam visa for us citizens

Planning a trip to Vietnam can be such an exciting experience. The country is brimming in natural beauty, historical sites and fantastic opportunities from sightseeing to shopping and more. Before you start planning your vacation, it’s worthwhile to determine if you need a Vietnam visa.
However, you will realize that a few countries require that one has a visa before he/she travels while others you will get that it is optional. The US is one of the countries where you will need to obtain a Vietnam visa to enter the country. There are many options available from single to multiple visitor visas to business visas, diplomatic visas and more.

You must know that any travel visa to Vietnam will be valid for around 30 days. This thirty days can be extended should you decide to stay on, but you will need to visit the embassy while in Vietnam to see if you can have this extension included in your visa. Be ready for many questions on the reasons you wish to extend your stay as Vietnam is exceptionally strict regarding visa dates and especially over-stayers.

Your next decision to apply for a Vietnam visa for us citizens is whether to approach the nearest Vietnam embassy in your area or apply online.

You must make sure that your passport is valid for at least 6 months before you start to apply for your Vietnam visa as a US citizen. If you cannot meet this requirement, your application will not be successful.
Business visas are available to those who intend working or investing in Vietnam. For this, you will require a Vietnam sponsor who will need to provide you with a letter before application. The business visa is valid for six months.

Once you have determined how you intend applying for a Vietnam visa for US citizens you need to identify which is the best visa option based on your particular requirements. A single visa gives you entry into Vietnam and then home again, this gives you ample time to explore the country, visit the beautiful sights and soak up all the culture and history the state has to offer.

Multiple visas are high in demand and give you the freedom to move around while in the country, you can arrive in Vietnam for a week or two and then head to Cambodia or Laos and then return to Vietnam as many times as you wish during the three-month visa. This enables you to explore the country and surrounds.
When making your application for a Vietnam visa for us citizens at the embassy, ensuring you leave enough processing time. The embassy does take longer than online applications as you receive the tourist visa stamped in your passport. If you choose online, you can opt for an urgent permit which will enable you to travel within a day or two, on arrival in Vietnam you will be required to pay a small fee so that your tourist visa is stamped.

Bear in mind that all Vietnam embassies are closed on Vietnamese holidays, so ensure you know when their holidays are to avoid disappointment and unwelcome delays.


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