Vietnam Visa for Brazilian citizens

Brazilian citizens always in search of fantastic places for great adventures during their holidays, look with amazement at the infinite possibilities of fun that Vietnam offers since you can take bike tours in each of its national parks, or marvel at bird watching as this incredible country has an extensive diversity of birds to meet.

You can also get to know the 53 different ethnic groups that still preserve their rites and traditions, which are full of history and are fantastic to get to know.

However, Brazilians need a travel authorization to enter the country, so below you will read the recommendations by experts to apply for the authorization and how to be approved without effort.

Experts reveal how Brazilian citizens can be approved for an e-visa to Vietnam

Experts reveal that the government of Vietnam has made it easier for Brazilian tourists to enter the country. Nowadays, it is much easier to visit Vietnam since you will only need an e-visa to Vietnam, which to be approved, you must follow the next steps:

  • The most important thing is to have a valid passport and that its expiration date is not during your stay in Vietnam. Remember that the passport must be of Brazilian origin and have at least two blank pages available.
  • Have a current photograph scanned and have an email address where you can receive the e-visa once it is approved.
  • You must have the availability to make online payments, either by credit or debit card. All to cover the administrative expenses for the processing of the travel authorization.

The online application for approval is personal, meaning that everyone has to make their arrangements, especially when the trip involves a family group or a business group, each member has to fill out the form individually online.

The most important benefits for Brazilian citizens to obtain the approval of their e-visa to Vietnam is that it avoids them to make big queues at the airport because of the stamp or to cancel additional taxes. It also does not require visits to the embassy or further legal documentation.

Your travel authorization can be approved within 72 hours if you follow the steps above.

In any case, the experts offer you their assistance 365 days a year, around the clock, so that you can correctly provide the information required in the online form and your approval is completed in the stipulated time.

This way you will avoid delays in your trip or annoying inconveniences.

Top places Brazilian citizens should visit in Vietnam

Vietnam is home to 5 wonderful jewels, all UNESCO World Heritage Sites, which you must visit to admire their beauty and learn about the history behind them. Among them is the city of the Ho dynasty, the temples of My Son, the imperial city of Thang Long in Hanoi, the royal tombs of Hue, and the imperial palace.

The great advantage of planning your vacation in Vietnam is that it has very accessible prices, so you can visit these fabulous beaches at a low cost. On Titop Island you can find Titop Beach.

It has a viewpoint that allows you to admire the beautiful scenery, plus its transparent waters make the beach a paradise destination for relaxation. And if you travel in September, you must visit My Khe beach, you find it 5 kilometers from the center of the city of Da Nang, it is characterized by its beautiful and fine white sand, beautifully clean and transparent water and its spectacular view.

Most Brazilian citizens with their e-visa to Vietnam take advantage to know all the history behind the war, the best places to know in detail what happened are the museum of the Vestiges of the Vietnam War, which is open to the public since 1975 and also the Cuchi Tunnels, a museum that shows how the Viet Cong soldiers lived underground during the war.

It is advisable to travel to Vietnam from October to April because these are the seasons of dry weather, so you can make the most of the adventure.

Finally, you must visit the Dunes of Mui Ne, a fabulous gift of nature where you will see fantastic golden, white and even red dunes. And as a bonus, you can enjoy its fabulous beaches too.

Vietnam Visa for Brazilian citizens

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