Vietnam Visa for Belgian citizens

History lovers seek to spend their vacations in destinations that offer high cultural growth, are full of museums and their cities tell how their ancestors were.

For Belgian citizens this incredible destination is Vietnam. A fabulous Asian country which has fascinating historical museums like the Worldwide Arms or the Vietnamese History Museum, amazing beaches like Nha Trang or Da Nang, mountainous landscapes and a hotel infrastructure that will amaze you during your stay.

On the other hand, if you love to taste new flavors, the food in Vietnam is full of surprises and incredible combinations that will surely delight you.

A simple and easy way for Belgian citizens to obtain an e-Visa to Vietnam

Recently Vietnam and Belgium made a treaty in which their citizens can tour the country using electronic travel authorization, better known as e-Visa to Vietnam.

The benefit of obtaining this approval is that you can travel quickly to the country without doing any further legal paperwork, and Belgian citizens can apply for e-Visa from the comfort of their home.

The only requirement is to have a valid passport of Belgian origin with two blank pages.

Besides, you only have to fill in the online form with the purpose of your trip and your personal details, cancel the service charges and wait for the approval.

The review of your application does not take more than 72 hours, so you will know in a few hours via email if your e-visa has been approved.

As far as the reason for travel is concerned, it is because the electronic travel authorization is valid for three different purposes.

For tourism, that is if you only visit the country for vacation, for example, go on excursions, visit museums or relax on the beach.

Secondly, if it is for medical purposes and thirdly for transit, which is when the plane makes a stopover in Vietnam but your final destination is another country.

It is important to emphasize, to obtain an e-visa to Vietnam you can make your request in any day and hour of the year since, for the approval of the e-visa, every day is working day.

You will be guided by a group of experts who will help you fill out the form in case you need assistance. Also, there are about 28 international checkpoints in Vietnam where you can register using your electronic travel authorization.

Furthermore, all your data is protected and will only be seen by official entities.

Famous Vietnamese sites that Belgian citizens can visit with an e-Visa

First, you must soak up the fabulous culture of Vietnam, and this can only be achieved by visiting Hanoi City. It is the capital of Vietnam, full of traffic, crowds of people in its streets, incredible colonial houses, free markets, informal restaurants and a mix between French, Chinese and Asian influences.

You will definitely get a perspective of Vietnam that you won’t see in the rest of the country.

Then you must travel to the north coast of Vietnam to enjoy Ha Long Bay, which is officially a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Its waters are emerald and sailing in them takes you to another dimension. You will enjoy the beautiful view offered by the set of more than 1600 islands and islets that make up this great bay.

The best time to stay at the bay is between May and August when its climate offers you the opportunity to enjoy beachside activities.

With your e-visa to Vietnam, you can get to know Hue, another world heritage site declared by UNESCO for having wonderful buildings whose architectural designs belong to past dynasties.

You can see how they used the tombs as phenomenal palaces and marvel at their colorful structure.

Furthermore, if you visit Hue in May or June, you can participate in the various festivals that take place in the town.

Finally, you must delight in Nha Trang the best coastal city you can find, it has the best crystal-clear water beaches, white sand coasts and small islands that will leave you wanting to stay forever in Vietnam.

Although if you are one of those who likes sports like hiking, in this city you will find ideal mountainous areas to do it too.

Vietnam Visa Belgian citizens

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