Is Your Vietnam Visa Fake: Here’s How to Find Out

Traveling to Vietnam, remember to get a valid visa. Almost all foreigners entering Vietnam are required to obtain the document. With the rise of scam agents, be aware during the online application. Holding a fake visa can lead to severe consequences, such as immediate deportation. Vietnam Visa Types: Traditional and Online Visa According to Vietnamese […]

Vietnam Visa for Palauan citizens

Palauan citizens find traveling to Vietnam fascinating because you can learn the world’s most complicated language according to experts. The Vietnamese tongue lacks grammar and is a monosyllabic language where you can find about 6 different accents. A foreigner can easily make a mistake because a written word can mean at least 6 different words […]

Vietnam Visa for Monégasque citizens

The process of applying online for a Vietnamese visa for Monégasque citizens has been simplified and adjusted for traveler convenience. Each person intending on crossing the Vietnamese border is obliged to obtain an electronic visa (eVisa). It is required by the government to apply with at least 72 h (three working days) before your departure. […]

Vietnam Visa for Micronesian citizens

Micronesians have very exquisite tastes when preparing meals, so when choosing a travel destination for a heavenly vacation, pay special attention to the new flavors you can experience there. From here, every year thousands of Micronesian travelers visit Vietnam because it is the country where your palate will be delighted with delicious fish-based sauces, noodle […]

Vietnam Visa for Marshall Islands citizens

Before the holiday season, people choose the country where they will spend a wonderful time. Many tourists opt for Vietnam. The territory of Vietnam has a bizarre terrain, beautiful beaches, and friendly residents. Here you will try unsurpassed coffee, admire the wonders of nature, and master the wisdom of shopping. The growing popularity of Vietnam […]

Vietnam Visa for Luxembourg citizens

Plenty of countries have decided to simplify the process of obtaining an online visa for Luxembourg citizens. The Vietnamese government has transferred the entire process to the Internet. To apply for a Vietnamese visa for Luxembourg citizens, each applicant only needs a couple of spare minutes instead of making the appointment with the closest Embassy. […]

Vietnam Visa for Liechtenstein citizens

Vietnamese visa for Lichtenstein citizens is no longer a time-consuming process. After plenty of adjustments made by the government, the entire process can be completed online. An applicant doesn’t need to make an appointment with the closest Embassy or a consulate. Just a few minutes of spare time will be sufficient to complete an online […]