Vietnam Visa for Marshall Islands citizens

Before the holiday season, people choose the country where they will spend a wonderful time.

Many tourists opt for Vietnam. The territory of Vietnam has a bizarre terrain, beautiful beaches, and friendly residents. Here you will try unsurpassed coffee, admire the wonders of nature, and master the wisdom of shopping.

The growing popularity of Vietnam among tourists every year is explained very simply – today obtaining an electronic Vietnam visa for Marshall Islands citizens is the fastest and most comfortable procedure.

This electronic permit can be issued without leaving home while avoiding long trips to visa centers and standing in endless lines.

Reasons to visit Vietnam

1) Climate.

The country is friendly all year round. In any month there is a resort where the tourist season will be in full swing. The south of the country is close to the equator and is characterized by the absence of a pronounced change of seasons, but in the north it is. The average annual temperature is high and amounts to 22–25 °. The rainy season in different parts of the country occurs at different times.

2) Safety.

The crime rate is low even in comparison with European countries. Vietnam is on the list of the ten safest places in Eurasia. This is explained by the severity of the administrative-police regime, the absence of racial prejudice, and religious fanaticism. Residents of the country are good-natured and aggression is not characteristic of them.

3) National cuisine.

Vietnam managed to enter the top three most interesting gourmet countries. The country’s cuisine is filled with Chinese and French traditions. Its pillars are fresh seafood, noodles, rice, and many spices. Easy and healthy food makes a short heat treatment of products.

Top places to visit in Vietnam

In this amazing country there are many attractions that you will remember for a lifetime:

1) Halong Bay. This place is hidden in the Gulf of Tonkin in northeast Vietnam. Halong Bay amazes with bizarre, towering cliffs rising above the water surface, grandeur, and beauty. According to legend, the bay was created by a dragon who decided to leave the mountains that were previously his home. He flew and crushed rocks, cut the valleys with his tail. Then the dragon sank into the sea, the waters of which rose and flooded Halong. Only fancy rocky islets remained. The bay is protected by UNESCO and is included in the modern list of “7 new wonders of the world.”

2) Nha Trang. The resort is rich in sandy beaches with clear water. Visit it is not only for the sake of a beautiful tan. There are many diving centers in Nha Trang. 11 kilometers from the city is the island of Hong Moon, which together with its water area received the status of a reserve. Here, the clearest waters on the coast and the amazing underwater world, replete with corals and exotic inhabitants. Flute fish, cuttlefish, octopus, seahorses, barracudas, reef sharks are far from a complete list of representatives of the fauna of these places.

3) Hanoi. The Vietnamese capital cannot be ignored. Hanoi has many natural parks and historical monuments. Of particular interest is the Lake of the Returned Sword with the Temple of the Turtle in the center. According to legend, the hero LeLoy in the 15th century found a magic sword in a pond, with which he led to the uprising against the Chinese rulers. Expressing gratitude to the spirits for the granted weapons, Leroy dropped his sword into the lake and was caught by a turtle. It was at the site of this event that a temple was erected.

E-visa applying

Obtaining an electronic visa to Vietnam through the website is carried out in three simple steps:

1) Filling out an online form.

Immediately after filling out a convenient form in English, we will process your request and send an official application to the Vietnamese Ministry of Immigration for a visa.

2) Awaiting confirmation.

After 1-3 days, your request will be ready and you will receive a confirmation email. This document is an official invitation to Vietnam for a visa.

3) Flight to Vietnam

It remains only to print the invitation to present it at the airport and upon arrival in Vietnam – in return you will receive an official visa stamp in the passport allowing the crossing of the Vietnamese border.

Refusal to issue an e-visa

Vietnam just a few years ago opened its border to tourists, but despite this, it is almost impossible to refuse. The Asian state has a flexible visa policy so that tourists from all over the world come to their country.

The Republic receives a considerable amount of money from tourists. You can get refusal in the following situations:

  • the tourist was blacklisted by the state;
  • an error was made when filling out documents;
  • the person indicated in the documents false information about himself.

Tourists who have repeatedly visited Vietnam claim that if a person had no problems with the law, he did not stay in the country longer than the prescribed time, and so on, permission must be given.


Health Insurance in Vietnam

Travel companies with many years of experience and tourists who have visited Vietnam many times have come to a common opinion: the presence of medical insurance is mandatory for most travelers.

It’s easy to issue it, for this you need to contact any insurance company you like, come to it in person or fill out a form on the site.

If an insured event occurs, you should immediately contact your insurance agent and explain in detail the whole situation, his phone number is indicated in the insurance policy.

By providing information about the insured event, the tourist will save his nerves and money.

Vietnam is a colorful Asian country, here are interesting traditions and national cuisine that can surprise any gourmet. And also in the territory of the state there are many sights and landscapes, breathtaking.

We guarantee that not a single tourist will return from this country disappointed!

Vietnam Visa for Marshall Islands citizens

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