Vietnam Visa for Cuban citizens

Vacation in Vietnam will be one of the most striking events in the life of travelers who will responsibly prepare for the trip: they will decide not only to calculate the cost of the trip in advance and study the list of basic attractions but will also try to open their heart to a new tourist experience.

Ancient temples, lurking the wisdom of centuries, and the symbols of socialism well-known to Cubans, luxurious hotel complexes and budget hotels, breathtaking natural beauties and spontaneous markets – all this can be seen while relaxing in Vietnamese resorts.

All this has become very affordable for foreign tourists after the inclusion of Vietnam in the international electronic visa program. So, a Vietnam visa for Cuban citizens can be obtained in just two days, without leaving your home!

What is Vietnam’s e-Visa?

Electronic visa – a new type of visa documents, according to which citizens of many states, including the Republic of Cuba, can cross the border of Vietnam.

This permit document is issued by the Ministry of Public Security of Vietnam. E-visa is a single entry, the duration of stay in Vietnam is not more than 30 days.

After entering on such a visa, foreign citizens can, if they wish, extend their stay in the country once by receiving an ordinary visa at the Ministry of Public Security.

The following types of electronic visas are available:

  • A tourist visa is suitable for those who want to spend their long-awaited vacation in this exotic country,
  • A business visa is a good option for solving tasks related to business and traveling on business trips,
  • A transit visa is required for those who are forced to change planes at another airport in Vietnam during the flight. An e-visa transit stay should not exceed 24 hours. When applying for this visa, you must have an e-ticket number with you. You should not receive baggage during your transit stay at the airport.

Travelers who have received electronic permission can enter Vietnam only through checkpoints at eight airports: Noi Bai (Hanoi), Tan Son Nhat (Ho Chi Minh), Danang, Kamran (Nha Trang), Katby (Haiphong), Zyong Dong (Fukuok Island) and two others, as well as through 13 land border crossings.

What do I need for my e-Visa application?

When applying for e-visa to Vietnam, you should do the following:

  • Have a passport valid for at least another six months. In addition, at least 2 pages should remain free in this passport,
  • Prepare your digital photo in JPEG format,
  • Fill out the form on the website To get an e-visa to Vietnam you need to specify passport data-name, gender, date, and place of birth, religion, occupation, family names, date of arrival and departure, place of residence, other information. No difficult questions, but they may refuse if the questionnaire is filled out incorrectly or there is reason to doubt the veracity of the answers.
  • Wait 2 working days during which your application will be considered, and get acquainted with the result of consideration of the application, which will be sent to the e-mail specified by you when filling out the online form.

We strongly recommend that you apply for an electronic visa in advance at least 7 days before traveling to Vietnam.

In addition, we advise you to take care of health insurance in advance.

Medical insurance itself is not a prerequisite for obtaining an e-visa. But medical services for foreigners in Vietnam are quite expensive, so an accidental injury or illness will hurt your pocket if there is no insurance.

Prudent tourists prefer to insure their health.

What are the benefits of applying for an electronic visa when visiting Vietnam?

The main advantage is a significant saving of time, which, as a rule, is spent on visiting the consulate or visa center, as well as on standing in lines when arriving in Vietnam.

Vietnam visa for Cuban citizens

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