Vietnam Visa for Cypriot citizens

The wonderful experience of traveling to a continent as mysterious and with an impressive survival story, as the Asian continent, would not be complete without visiting a country like Vietnam.

Located in the Indochina Peninsula, it is the ideal destination for lovers of ecological tourism who can visit Cat Tien National Park, with its 72 hectares of protected tropical jungle and enjoy its rich wildlife, or go to Mui Ne, a paradise for surfers.

For those who want to know more about their culture, visiting the museums and monuments of Hanoi will make them meet their struggle to overcome difficulties and live an intense gastronomic experience in the restaurants of the Old Quarter.

If you are a lover of hiking, we suggest you visit Sapa, a town located in the north of Vietnam between mountains and rice fields where tourists can practice trekking and stay with a Hmong family to learn more about their ethnicities.

If you are one of those who dare to try all kinds of exotic food, there are many options that Vietnam offers you,  we recommend visiting Banh Xeo 46A in Ho Chi Minh where you can taste the emblematic dish of Vietnamese street food, the banh xeo; a kind of rice flour pancake stuffed with pork, onion, bean sprouts, and shrimp, in addition to offering a vegetarian version.

Furthermore, you don’t want to leave Vietnam without trying the famous Vietnamese-style cafe at Faifo Coffee in Hoi An City, on its terrace with stunning views.

However, as a Cypriot citizen, you will need to comply with certain requirements to be able to spend a holiday within the country, which we will explain in detail below.


Requirements every Cypriot citizens must meet to apply for an e-visa to Vietnam

Cypriot citizens require a valid visa to enter Vietnam, regardless of the time of year of the visit. If you are planning to travel to Vietnam, you have the possibility to apply for an electronic travel authorization, which is currently the most recommended option, as it allows you to simplify a procedure that would otherwise lead to unnecessary travel and waiting time.

The requirements to apply for your e-visa to Vietnam

  • A six-month valid passport.
  • Travel ticket with an arrival date
  • International credit and debit card for the transaction.
  • An email address
  • Details regarding where the Cypriot citizen will stay during the visit.

With all these requisites, it is possible to apply for your e-visa, completing an online application form where you must enter your data, passport number and the details of your trip.

Once the online application form is issued, within 3 commercial days you will receive your e-visa to Vietnam.

Benefits of the e-Visa to Vietnam for Cypriot citizens

  • It is valid for thirty days.
  • It is a document linked to your passport.
  • It will save you the process of queuing at your arrival to cancel the visa since you will have previously paid.

Types of e-Visa to Vietnam for Cypriot citizens

There are three types of e-visa to Vietnam available to Cypriot citizens, which are:

  • E-visa to Vietnam for Tourists: The advantage of obtaining this electronic travel authorization is the possibility for Cypriot citizens to stay in Vietnam for a period of 30 days and to vacation throughout the country, without any other limitations.
  • E-visa to Vietnam for business: it is granted to all those Cypriot professionals who want to attend a business conference or sponsor an important event in Vietnam. The duration of the authorization is 30 days.
  • E-visa to Vietnam for transit: is electronic travel permission that has a duration of 24 hours for the Cypriot citizen, it is approved when the citizen’s flight makes a small stopover in Vietnam, allowing the Cypriot traveler to stay in a hotel or eat at any restaurant while waiting for the next flight. For this reason, the duration of the travel authorization is short.

Under no circumstance the electronic travel authorizations are granted to the Cypriot citizens to stay in Vietnam for more than 30 days if the person needs to stay longer in the country, for example, to study, to work or to move in, it is necessary from the beginning of the trip to apply for the permission in the corresponding governmental entity.

Vietnam Visa for Cypriot citizens

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