Vietnam Visa Photograph size

The Vietnam Government embraces the diversification of Tourism and Business ventures and acceptance of most world countries citizens to visit her country. For any airport to accept foreign visitors the travel documents must be in order as per the requirement.


  1. Electronic Vietnam Visa Application
  2. Visa approval letter
  3. Vietnam visa photograph size
  4. Paper based Visa Application

Electronic Vietnam Visa Application

Vietnam is one of the Southeast Asia country that offers simplified travel documentation requirements during the online Vietnam visa application process there is no attaching scanned copy of Vietnam Visa Photograph sizepassport sized photograph.

The visa applicant is required to fill the simple to follow form, including all applicant bio data and country of origin passport details.

The on arrival visa application fee is payable online through modern electronic money online card, on completion of the process the visa approval letter is sent to applicant email account.

There are three listed Vietnam visa processing time services as per visa application urgency which comes with an extra cost:

  • Normal 2 working days,
  • Urgent 1 working day,
  • Super urgent 4 hours,
  • Super urgent 2 hours.

Visa approval letter

The visa approval letter is the only printable document that the visitor presents to the Vietnam airport on arrival visa counter accompanied by two passport size photographs with required measurement of 2 by 2 inches with clear facial capture and clear background the visa stamp payment is made at main Vietnam airport point in cash.

Vietnam visa photograph size

The standard for the photographs must be met, in case of caution there are specialized photographers who can capture and process the Visa passport the applicants can seek their service to get the best.Vietnam Visa Photograph size

As the requirement for most countries visa application photographs are standard there is no exception in the Vietnam visa photograph size:

  • 2×2 inches taken less than 6 months
  • Colored photographs, printed on standard glossy photograph paper
  • Full shoulders, full face close-up capture, white background
  • Clear capture of hairline no obstructing headgears or hat.
  • Normal facial expression without smiles.

Paper based Visa Application

The second mode of visa application is paper based process of visa application will require the applicant to provide valid original passport, recent standard 2passport size photographs (2×2 inches), and individual addressed envelope for ease of sending back to the applicant the passport with printed on visa.

Vietnam Visa Photograph sizeThe duration that Embassy authorized personnel complete the process is 5 working days.

The process have inconveniences for to and from the embassy trips to check on the stage of the visa process.

On applicants who might be time restraint and those who require to travel a long distance to access the Embassy efficiency is not guaranteed. The major issue with the paper based process is the pileup of documents and backlogs of incomplete visa application.

The required passport photographs are attached with the documents which can lead to misplacement and mix-up. The adherence to the requirement will never disappoint as the correct standard must be maintained the process will be as simple as the applicant may be pleased.

This is the moment to explore the wonderful Vietnam engage in the Visa application process for tourist or business the choice of electronic or paper based process is convenience based.


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