Things to Know about Vietnam Working Visa

Foreign nationals visiting to and leaving Vietnam need to get Vietnam Visa on Arrival (VOA). VOS is a legal document approved and formally issued by the Immigrating Department.

The benefits of VOA is that it is legitimate as it is granted and approved by Department of Immigration of Vietnam. It is simple, easy and convenient.


  1. How to apply for a Vietnam Working Visa?
  2. Things to do before getting Vietnam Visa
  3. How to get your Vietnam Visa?
  4. Vietnam working visa
  5. How to get an Emergency Visa Vietnam?
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How to apply for a Vietnam Working Visa?

The first step to apply for a Vietnam Visa is application for the letter of approval for visa. You can apply for it online being in the comfort of your home.

Vietnam Working VisaYou will get the letter of approval by email. It is therefore, important furnish your email id accurately. The time take to get an approval letter is two business days. (Saturday, Sunday, national and International holidays are not included).

Once your application is approved, the Vietnam Department of Immigration gets document – Visa Approval Letter ready.

You need to pick them up on on arrival at any of the international airports in Vietnam – Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang, and Nha Trang.

Things to do before getting Vietnam Visa

You need to obtain Visa Approval Letter issued by Immigration Department of Vietnam. You need to produce the letter of approval at the airport. The authorities will check will check and verify the details of Approval Letter as per the data of your passport and travel documents. Make sure the data you enter in the visa application are accurate.

How to get your Vietnam Visa?

On arriving at any of the international air ports, go to Landing Visa Counter.

Vietnam Working VisaIn front of he the counter, you need to make ready these documents to get visa stamp, your passport in original, two passport size photographs (4cm x 6cam), and entry and exit form.

Vietnam working visa

To get a Vietnam working visa you need to possess University degree or a higher qualification. For some professionals professional certificate will do. Along with this, you need to get a work contract coupled with authority of approval of your employer.

How to get an Emergency Visa Vietnam?

To apply for a speedy visa approval letter, you can get an expedited Vietnam visa in just 10 minutes.

Vietnam Working VisaTo get the Expedited visa, visit official website and apply.

Fill out the application onlinePay the feeGet an approval via emailGet visa stamped.


Send your personal details (full name, nationality, date of birth, passport number, etc.) by email to You will get link for payment. Pay the fee soon.

For verification, your Vietnam visa application is forwarded to the department immigration for processing.

Vietnam Working VisaWhile applying for emergency visa -Your passport must have a minimum validity of six months to come; it should have blank space for stamps. Service fee doesn’t cover stamping fee.

Vietnam visa on arrival is application for people coming by air. If you come by other means you need to contact office by other means.

Whether it is your Vietnam working visa, or emergency visa it’s easy to get them.


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