Vietnam Visa for Indian Citizens

Vietnam Visa for Indian Citizens – Types of Visas

Vietnam visas are obtainable for Indian citizens, but one benefit to obtaining a visa to enter Vietnam, for Indian Citizens is that the citizen can visit several places in order to obtain the visa, or send in the application by mail and obtain the visa within a week.


  1. Vietnam Visa for Indian Citizens – Types of Visas
  2. Requirements for a Visa Application

The first place an Indian citizen can obtain a Vietnamese visa is at an embassy, in their home country of India.  There is the Embassy of Vietnam in New Delhi, India and the Consulate General of Vietnam Visa for Indian CitizensVietnam in Mumbai, India that Indian Citizens can go to the office and obtain a visa.

The second option for Indian Citizens to obtain a Vietnamese visa would be to visit the embassy or consulate in a third country, that is not Vietnam or India.

It is also important to note that Indian citizens can visit travel agencies that cater to Vietnamese travelers, and these agencies in India, Vietnam and a third country will be able to assist an Indian citizen in obtaining a visa.

International airports are another viable option for Indian citizens who need to obtain a Vietnamese visa, and they can apply for and get a visa at several of the Vietnam International airports.

Requirements for a Visa Application

It is a requirement of Indian citizens to have a visa in order to travel to Vietnam for either a tourist holiday or a business excursion and the Indian citizen must have a passport which is active and Vietnam Visa for Indian Citizensvalid for at least six months before the dates of travel.

There must also be two blank pages in citizen’s passports which are able to be stamped upon arrival.

There are some monetary requirements for Indian citizens to obtain a Vietnamese visa as well:

  • Citizens must have the fees applicable to their respective applications and the fee is based on the duration of the stay as well as the purpose of the visit.
  • Citizens must prove with a bank statement, their financial status for at least three months they send in their application, as well as have at least $1,000 US dollars to cover the expenses of their trip in order to be approved.
  • A cover letter which indicates why the citizen is traveling to Vietnam must accompany the application and passport photos for the visa application process. The last two pieces of information the Indian citizen needs to obtain a Vietnamese visa is the travel itinerary.
  • A copy of the accommodations such as the hotel reservation is needed, as well as a copy of the airline tickets proving that the citizen will be returning to India.

Vietnam Visa for Indian CitizensIndian citizens who opt to obtain a Vietnamese visa should know the visas are only valid for 6 and 12 months, 6 months being the tourist holiday visit, and 12 months is a business venture.

eVisa are also available for Indian citizens who are applying for visas to Vietnam, but they are only valid for thirty days, and citizens must be able to prove the extent of their visit if they opt for the eVisa.

Applicants should also have any work or educational documentation to prove their intentions upon entering Vietnam, and these documents should accompany the application as well as be presentable at the embassy or consulate for proof that the Indian citizen is entering the country for these reasons.


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