All about Visa on Arrival for Vietnam

The Vietnam Visa on Arrival is a way of obtaining a visa to visit to Vietnam. That is, you need to finish the application process online.

On completing the online application, and after paying the required amount of processing fee, the applicant will get through email their Approval Letter within an hour two business days.

The time taken to get the Letter depends on the status of the visa processing you choose.

Content:Visa on Arrival for Vietnam

  1. What after Approval Letter?
  2. What to do when you arrive in Vietnam?
  3. Fee payable

What after Approval Letter?

Copies of the applicant’s Approval Letter are forwarded on their behalf to the Vietnam Immigration checklist at all three international airports in Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, or Da Nang.

Note that approval of the visa online is applicable for travellers coming to the country by air who arrive any of the international airports. And, as to travellers arriving by sea or and land must apply for a visa via an Embassy office of Vietnam.

What to do when you arrive in Vietnam?

By the time you arrive in Vietnam, the immigration department personnel will have our documents ready. They can now hand over your entry visa to you quickly.

Visa on Arrival for VietnamNow you have to apply at Vietnam visa you will be allowed to enter Vietnam with your Approval Letter.

Fee payable

For obtaining a visa on arrival for Vietnam, you need to pay the service fee and stamping fee.

Service fee – the service fee is the cost that the applicant must pay online to submit the visa application.

The fee is the amount needed to approve the Vietnam visa approved letter from the Department of Immigration of Vietnam.

Once you pay the service fee, your Vietnam visa will be sent to the immigration control network of one of the international airports of Vietnam where you arrive.

Visa on Arrival for VietnamStamp fee – the stamping fee is the fee that the applicant has to pay directly to the immigration outlet at the Vietnam international airport when the applicant arrives there.

This fee includes the charge for the applicant’s print-out of visa on arrival for Vietnam and the stamp of approval on the applicant’s passport from the department of immigration.

If you are planning to get a visa on arrival for Vietnam, visit the website, learn more and apply.

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