How to apply for a Vietnam Visa in Canada?

As Vietnam takes it the place of the world stage in a dominant way, the demand for Vietnam visa for Canadian citizens has exploded over the last decade.


  1. How to Apply For a Vietnam Visa in Canada?
  2. Steps when applying for Vietnam visa for Canadian citizens
  3. Collection of the visa and payment

As a subsequent result, the requirements for a Vietnam visa have also changed as well with applications being processed on the quickest turn-around time of 3 working days, and the slowest service is five working days.

With such short timeframes, it is essential to be clear on the process and what is required, especially if you are traveling to Vietnam on short notice.

Steps when applying for Vietnam visa for Canadian citizens

  • How to apply for a Vietnam Visa in CanadaEnsure you have sufficient time between your trip start date and travel

As mentioned, ensure that you have at least three working days available between when you can visit the embassy and when you fly out. This applies to any Vietnam visa that you are applying. If you are using postal applications, then you will need to have several weeks processing time.

  • Complete the application forms provided by the Vietnam visa centre

The forms are downloadable from the Vietnam visa site or many agent sites. They can be printed and completed by hand or you can enter your details into the relevant entry fields as provided.

Ensure that each part of the form is completed as accurately and detailed as possible. Do not leave any parts incomplete.

For the part where it says ‘inviter in Vietnam,’ you can use the hotel you are staying at and put their details into it.

  • Visit the Vietnam visa center or send the application to an agent

How to apply for a Vietnam Visa in CanadaOnce you have completed and compiled the information, then you can visit the main Vietnam visa center in Canada. The Visa applications can be submitted on working days. You will need to queue and can provide your details to one of the front desk clerks.

For business visa applicants, please ensure you have letters of invitation and letters of support as well and are formally written. In case you had applied online, you will not be required to travel to the visa application to submit your form, instead you will provide online and wait for feedback.

Collection of the visa and payment

Depending on the service that you have used, you can collect the permission from the centre that you initially lodged at.

You will need to provide the receipt that you would have been provided by the visa officer when you first submitted your application.

How to apply for a Vietnam Visa in CanadaYou will need to pay for the visa and upon payment your passport will be returned to you.

For Canadian passport holders, proof of travel, itineraries and a letter stating the purpose of trip will be required.

There are two main types of tourist visas which are a single and double entry visa.

The visa does not allow for more than a 30 day stay in Vietnam. For Vietnam business visa applicants, 1-year multi-entry visas are available.

You can pay online through the means of payment which are provided at the website.

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