Vietnam Visa For Armenian Citizens

What has come as welcome news for many Armenian tourists traveling to Vietnam, is a roll-out plan to make attaining a visa much simpler. With the new, highly effective, and easy to attain, Vietnam e-Visa, you no longer have to worry about the hassle and tedious process of getting a physical stamped visa.

Where to get your e-Visa

If you are thinking about traveling to Vietnam soon, then you are in the right place for all your E-visa requirements. Here at E-visa to Vietnam, our highly trained personnel assist in administrative and legal paperwork for individuals and groups.

We make it a point to ensure we walk you through the entire process, from application to completion, and we ensure everything goes according to plan.

The Convenience of an e-Visa, why is it better?

  • E-visas, much like any online-based transactions, take part in a purely virtual environment. Think about how much time and money you will save when all the payments and all the relevant documentation is done online. You don’t have to queue for long hours, and even when your visa is approved, you get the news in real-time!
  • The amount of resources saved through virtual transactions is staggering, how much simpler getting your E-visa to Vietnam would be if you didn’t physically have to hand in supporting documents, even better, having an independent agency doing all the work for you!
  • If that doesn’t work for you, then think about the amount of money you’ll save on transport and administration fees because you don’t have to physically travel to the embassy to get your visa.
  • Or, better yet, think about the amount of revenue saved from inputting data, having to collect your passport, scheduling appointments, or any of the countless redundancies that make the visa process complex and tedious.
  • Lastly, there are no hidden costs, the entire process is above board, and with the right professional services, you’ll have your e-Visa  very quickly.

What you need to do to get an e-Visa in Vietnam

Vietnam has some very stringent laws on categories of people who are prohibited from entering its borders. This is why you need to ensure you have some knowledge of these rules and laws before you attempt entry.

You then need to ensure that you have a current, valid passport that will remain valid up to a month after entering Vietnam, and you should also ensure that it has at least two blank pages.

Then you will need to fill an E-visa application form., submit scanned copies of your biographical data as well as one current passport-sized photo-nothing more than 6 months old.

Once you’ve satisfied all these, you will be required to pay an E-visa service fee for processing. This will usually take about 72 hours.

Can anyone apply for an e-Visa?

Unfortunately, there are only a select few countries that Vietnam allows the privilege of being able to apply for an E-visa. Fortunately, there are Vietnam visas for Armenian citizens as it is one of the countries on that list.

You will need to have a clear look at the exhaustive list if you want to know which countries require physical visas to be granted access.

Now for many Armenians traveling to Vietnam, there is always the question of whether an E-visa is truly necessary. The answer is, yes! Absolutely.

With e-Visa Vietnam we not only give the quickest and most convenient way to travel, but we also save you the extra costs and hassles of having to fight through queues at the embassy.

So if you want to get rid of all the fuss, and all the loss of precious time, then let us help you get your Vietnam E-visa, simple and quick. More on

Vietnam Visa For Armenian Citizens

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