Vietnam Visa for Irish citizens

Welcome to Vietnam

If you want to experience the beauty of Southeast Asia, Vietnam is definitely the best choice. Through the erosion of rain for decades, the large stones are carved into bizarre masterpieces.

The shapes of the stone can resemble a rooster or an elephant. There are nearly two thousand limestone islands in this bay, and each island has its own characteristics. A whole day will be not enough for you to explore this place. 

When it comes to coffee, you have to know Vietnamese coffee. Some people say, in the 19th century, coffee was introduced into Vietnam by the French. At that time, coffee was not so popular among locals; it did not flourish until the end of the 20th century. 

Authentic Vietnamese coffee is the coffee dripped through the coffee drip pot (Vietnamese: Phin) mixing with rich condensed milk or coconut milk. The bitter, sour, sweet flavor will make you unforgettable.

 Apart from the charming scenery and delicacy, you should know about the heartbroken past of Vietnam. Vietnam has experienced nearly 20 years of war. This war has made Vietnam being concurred by other countries, also has left many people homeless.

However, the war has made the Vietnamese more united. There is a museum in Ho Chi Minh, which mainly shows the armament used by the US military during wartime and describes the sad history of Vietnam.

Vietnam Visa for Irish citizens

The world should see the beauty of Vietnam. The Vietnamese government has introduced and launched the electronic visa system (It’s also known as eVisa) in 2017 to promote tourism in Vietnam. 

This program significantly saves a lot of time for travelers and has brought convenience for citizens of 80 countries.

 With the eVisa, travelers can enter and exit Vietnam through any one of the 33 international checkpoints. Ireland also includes in the program. 

This means, if you have a passport issued by Ireland, you are eligible to apply the eVisa online. The fee of the application is 79 EUR.

 With your passport copy, portrait photo, and a planned date, you can finish the form on the internet.

The system works 24 hours a day and seven days a week. You can submit your application anytime. The validity of the eVisa is one day before the planned date of entry and valid for 30 days. 

Travelers can enter Vietnam before it expires but not before the validity period specified in the approved eVisa. If you would like to stay longer in Vietnam, you can extend your eVisa by an agency or organization in Vietnam. 

The required documents for applying e-Visa

Passport: Make a colorful copy of the applicants’ biodata page from passport. The document cannot contain reflections or watermarks. It is advised that the validity of the passport should be at least six months since the date of entry.

Portrait photo: The photo does not need to be taken by professionals, but it must meet the passport portrait photo standards. The color cannot be black and white. The size of the photo should be 4cm x 6cm. The applicant must look straight and without wearing glasses. 

How to apply the e-Visa to Vietnam?

The eVisa to Vietnam is designed for people to save time and troubles. Applicants with Irish passports can submit the form online with few simple steps. In the first and second steps, applicants must provide the personal details, the date of entry, and the passport details. 

Please note that the date of entry must be filled in correctly because this is related to the validity of the visa. 

In the last step, applicants need to upload the required documents and make an online payment. The specialists will review only the completed and paid applications. 

The specialists will verify the data and adjust the materials to prevent the rejection of the request. After the submission, applicants need to wait up to 72 hours for the result. 

Once the Vietnam Immigration Department makes the result, applicants will receive an email with the approved eVisa. Applicants are requested to present the visa in paper form and a passport with minimum six months validity at the borders. 

Vietnam Visa for Irish citizens


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