Vietnam Visa for Macau SAR citizens

There are a huge number of attractions and beautiful places in Vietnam because the country is in eternal summer, which means civilizations came here long before the northern countries and left behind many valuable architectural masterpieces and natural human assets that any tourist will appreciate.

By a decision of the Government of Vietnam, in February 2017, a system for issuing electronic entry visas (e-visas) for foreigners from different countries was introduced.

Today, applying for a Vietnam visa for Macau SAR citizens is a quick and simple procedure.

What are the benefits of an e-visa to Vietnam?

Applying for an electronic visa through a website is one of the most convenient and easiest ways to get permission to visit Vietnam without hassle.

Yes, there are also “classic” ways to get a visa – through a consulate, a visa center, or you can apply for a visa upon arrival at the airport. But all this entails an extra waste of energy, money and time.

E-visa, in turn, is the best solution for travelers who do not like to queue and do not welcome unnecessary financial expenses.

Awkward situations at the airport, delays in check-in – all this is easily avoided with an electronic visa!

An electronic visa can be issued through the website, carefully filling out the questionnaire, providing copies of the relevant documents, and paying all the necessary visa fees. Using the received special code, you can check the readiness of the visa and print it.

Rules for filling out an online e-visa application

An e-visa application form must be filled in English. The uploaded photo in the application should not exceed 1024 kb. In the line “Full name” – first write your Surname, and then the Name, as indicated in the passport.

For children who have their own passport, a separate questionnaire is filled out. The child enters the questionnaire to the parent when he is inscribed in the passport to the parent and does not have his passport.

After payment, your application will be launched, you can count 3 working days and wait for a response letter to the specified email. Or go by yourself to check the readiness of an electronic visa to Vietnam on the same site where you fill out the visa:

Additional Info

A Macau SAR citizen has the opportunity to cross the border of Vietnam through one of 28 international passport control points. If you plan to cross the border through other points, then you need to get an ordinary visa.

An insurance policy is not required to obtain an electronic visa, but it is simply necessary for your health as well as peace of mind while you are abroad.

Do not be lazy and do not regret a small amount for the purchase of an insurance policy in order to protect yourself and your loved ones on the trip.

Best places to visit Vietnam

So, have you already become the lucky owner of an e-visa to Vietnam, or have you already applied for it online? It’s time to think about what you want to see in and visit in this wonderful country:

  • Nha Trang

If you want to feel all the charms of a beach pastime with snow-white beaches, cool coconuts, amazing fresh juices, and vibrant evening life, then you just need Nha Trang. Everything is mixed here: noisy streets, chaotic traffic of bikes, the music of restaurants and bars, the best massage and spa centers. And what are the sunrises in Nha Trang! If you did not see the sunrise in Nha Trang, you have lived a life in vain. Apparently, residents know this very well, and already at 4 in the morning, they are doing exercises on the seashore, doing yoga, running, and always swimming in the morning waves.

  • Hanoi – the capital of Vietnam

To visit the country and not see the capital is wrong in any country, but here it will be doubly wrong. Hanoi is so interesting and full of sights that two or three days will fly by like an instant. Here you must see Ho Chi Minh City Mausoleum, Temple of Literature, Hanoi Citadel, Women’s Museum, Ho Chi Minh City Museum, Pagoda on one pillar, Lake of the Returned Sword and Turtle Temple, Puppet Theater on the Water.

  • Long Sean Pagoda

The attractions of Vietnam include the Long Sean Pagoda. Pagoda is the most visited point in the city, where all the tourists of the world gather. Indeed, it is worth seeing to all travelers, because this is one of the beautiful places in Nha Trang. From the pagoda, on a 144-step staircase, you can get to the temple, built in the Oriental style, and decorated with mosaic dragons.

Vietnam Visa for Macau SAR citizens

Vietnam Visa for Macau SAR citizens

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