Vietnam Visa for Maltese citizens

If you are going to take a trip to Vietnam, whether you need a visa or not will depend on the number of days, you will be in the country, your nationality and the means of transport and place you use to enter.

According to the reason for your visit to Vietnam, you must apply for the appropriate visa, for example, tourism, study, work, diplomat, a particular event, investment, lawyers, NGO, correspondent or reporter, attendance at conferences, visit relatives. Likewise, the visa time varies according to the visa code.

Vietnam e-Visa for Maltese Citizens

An online visa is the most convenient and cheapest way to manage the visa to Vietnam. To be able to process this visa (e-visa), you have to have the nationality of one of the authorized countries. Maltese citizens are included.

With eVisa, you also have to access the country through some of its international airports such as Ho Chi Minh, Hanoi, or Danang, among others, and not exceed 30 days of stay in the country.

How to process Online Visa for Vietnam

You can proceed with the application on the Vietnam eVisa website. First, you should approve the terms to access the online application.

Then, prepare a digitized file of your passport. The file should include a photo without glasses and in color.

• Fill out the form. You also need to upload the photo and passport images. For this, the accepted formats are .jpg .jpeg and .gif. The maximum file is 1024KB.
• Make sure that you do not have any wrong data before releasing the cost of the visa. This is when you can correct it if you made a mistake in any field. Remember that you can complete the in multiple languages. Generally, people use the English form.
• Pay by credit card or PayPal
• Then you will receive a registration code that will serve to check the status of your file. You can follow up by indicating this code, your email address, and your date of birth in the next section of the Vietnam immigration website.
• Once it is approved, you will have to print this visa and bring it with you to show it at immigration control upon arrival in the country.

The reasons why we would be interested in this visa instead of the Visa On Arrival are:

• Because we want to save the queue on arrival to manage the visa on arrival
• Because we do not need the invitation letter
• Generally, eVisa is cheaper. Then, it will not be necessary to pay anything on arrival in Vietnam.

What to consider when applying for the Vietnam e-visa

The delivered visa will be a PDF file that you will have to print on your own to present at the time of entering Vietnam.

We also recommend that you save the file in your email, in the cloud, on your mobile, or in some other place than in a given case you can access in case you need it again, and you do not have internet access or the web may not be available.

The online visa is valid for a maximum of 30 days. They can give you less time, depending on the dates of entry and exit that you put on your form.

The online visa payment is only made through payment gateways at the time of completing the form completion process.

We suggest you apply for the visa with a week or so before the expected entry. Before filling out the form, you should digitize the main data page of each passport

Inside the website, we mention that it will be 3 days to obtain the visa from the time you apply for it. However, most people get it the same day.

Often, it is less than half a day, and you already had a response. The process is much faster than applying it to the embassy.
Finally, be clear about the ports of entry and exit that are valid with the e-Visa

Let us know if you have any questions about the Vietnam Electronic visa here! We are ready to help you the best we can.

Vietnam Visa for Maltese citizens

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