Vietnam Visa for Finnish citizens

Vietnam is a country where both traditions and modernity share the same space.

For a Finnish citizen traveling to Vietnam is a once in a lifetime experience, because they will meet people as nice as they are, but they will see what is vehicular traffic without rules, high amounts of motorcycles coexist with cultural and natural heritage declared by UNESCO, as with 6 biosphere reserves, protected areas and more than 30 national parks.

On the other hand, Finnish citizens can enjoy the country at its best in March, April, May, October, and November, because the weather conditions are suitable to make the most of the trip to Vietnam.

Documents required by Finnish citizens to travel to Vietnam

Before traveling to Vietnam, every Finnish citizen is required to have a passport held for at least 6 months and to obtain an approved electronic travel authorization, if the duration of the trip is 30 days.

Furthermore, the authorization will be issued to every Finnish citizen who has the purpose of vacationing or doing business in Vietnam. It is important to note, this permit is also known as e-visa to Vietnam for Finnish citizens.

The mechanism for obtaining the approval of an e-visa to Vietnam

Once every Finnish citizen has a passport issued for 6 months, it is possible to apply for the approval of an electronic travel authorization to Vietnam.

You only need to apply by filling out a form, which can be accessed from the internet. By entering your personal and contact details, the approval response can be sent within 72 hours to your email address.

However, you must first cancel the service of issuing the e-visa to Vietnam with a credit card, valid for online payments.

This mechanism makes it easier for a Finnish citizen to obtain a visa since with the electronic travel authorization you can stay in Vietnam for 30 days.

On the other hand, it helps you save time when planning your vacation to Vietnam because in a short time your travel permit is approved and does not require long waits or procedures with government entities, which can be tedious or require more legal documentation.

It is a great advantage that Finnish citizens can apply for an e-visa to Vietnam through the internet and, this is due to an agreement, in which both countries, have created a bridge to stimulate tourism among their citizens.

So, just by applying for a travel permit, you can enjoy a new experience in a foreign country in a short time.

Relaxation, and meditation activities every Finnish citizen should do in Vietnam

Despite the hustle and bustle seen on the streets of Vietnam, it is a country attached to meditation and quiet activities through the Zen principles of its culture.

Here you can enjoy tourist destinations whose services will help you relax your mind, as well as delight your palate with traditional vegetarian cuisine.

In Hanoi, meditation is practiced in the ancient temples and is guided by Vietnamese yoga masters. Every morning before breakfast, you can visit the Temple and then join guided tours at Hanoi’s most emblematic sites, such as the Ethnology Museum. In this museum, you will learn everything about the importance of socio-cultural diversity.

Moreover, in the center of the city, you can visit the Literature Temple which was built during the Ly Thanh Tong Dynasty. To end your day, you can enjoy a rich massage at the Zen Spa, located in the French Village.

Another wonderful option is to take a cruise to enjoy the mystical scenery of Ha Long Bay, with its emerald waters, limestone islands, and colorful floating villages.

But if you are interested in learning Tai Chi, you can go to the solarium located in Lan Ha Bay, where you can meditate with the teachers of the area.

Also, because of its proximity, you can visit the private museum called Thanh Chuong Viet Palace, which has architectural and artistic styles characteristic of the Vietnamese.

To deepen your spiritual journey, you can go to the Bach Ma Zen Monastery, located on the True River, where you have the possibility of meeting with the master monk, to help you reduce your worries and emotional fatigue.

However, a Finnish citizen will always have plenty of options to find yourself in Vietnam, because you can be dazzled by the most beautiful natural scenery, attend Yoga sessions in the marble mountains, do meditation activities on the beach and enjoy incredible cruises to the most emblematic bays of the country.

Vietnam Visa for Finnish citizens

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