Vietnam Visa for Fijian citizens

Traveling is one of the best ways we have to enrich ourselves as people. When we travel, we meet new cultures, we learn new things, we have enriching experiences and, most important of all, we enjoy a lot.

That is why it is necessary, before taking a trip, to think carefully about the place to which we will go, because depending on the place you visit, you will have a different experience, so it is advisable to choose carefully.

One of the best destinations to choose from when we go on vacation is Vietnam. Located in Southeast Asia, this country is more well known for the war that bore its name.

But today it is shown as one of the most prominent tourist destinations, being visited annually by thousands of tourists. And, in addition to its incredible landscapes, extraordinary culture and delicious food, in Vietnam we can find many options to spend a great vacation like never before.

So if you are a Fijian citizen and you are thinking of taking a trip to Vietnam, we must congratulate you, since you are making a great decision. But, before starting your trip it is necessary that you carry out a previous investigation.

How to enter Vietnam

A previous investigation is not only necessary to know which will be the places that you will visit during your trip. A previous investigation is also necessary to know what are the requirements to enter the country you want to visit.

In the case of Vietnam, it is necessary to apply for a permit to enter its borders.

To obtain this permit there are two options: apply for it upon arrival in the country at the airport, which is a bit cumbersome, or obtain this permit before traveling to the country, which is the easiest method to do it and the most recommended for all those who want to have a calm and carefree journey.

This form of permission to enter Vietnam is called Evisa or Electronic visa and it is a kind of visa whose procedures must only be done online.

It differs from the visa on arrival modality because it must be requested before traveling to the country and has the benefits that it is a faster process, you do not have to provide physical photos and it is the cheapest form of visa and the safest, you only have to answer a few questions and, quickly, you can receive the visa to enter Vietnam in your email.

Let’s see what are the requirements to obtain your Vietnam Evisa for Fijian citizens

e-Visa requirements

The Evisa to enter Vietnam can be for tourism or business, both have a duration of 30 days, which can be extended if the person wishes, but 30 days are more than enough to get to know wonderful Vietnam.

  • First, you need a passport with at least one month of validity from the moment you plan to enter the country, Vietnam in this case, with at least two blank pages and that is issued by one of the eligible countries to be able to request the Evisa Vietnamese. Fiji’s passport is eligible to enhance this process.
  • Comply with all Vietnamese laws of entry to the country because, if you do not, you will not be able to enter its territory.
  • Fill out a simple online form that can be completed in a matter of minutes.
  • Pay a more than a reasonable fee, with a lower price than it costs to apply for your visa on arrival.

Once all these steps are completed, in a matter of hours, you will be able to obtain your e-visa for Vietnam for Fijian citizens.


How to get a Vietnam e-Visa for Fijian citizens

To obtain an Evisa to enter Vietnam, the best thing you can do is contact specialists to carry out this procedure, who will help you during the process and will make your trip more comfortable.

They will be present in case you have any questions by filling out the form, they will correct those parts that may harm your application and will guarantee that your application will be approved so that you do not have to worry about the visa to enter Vietnam, but to enjoy the great trip you deserve so much.

Traveling is a very important event in a person’s life and if you want to easily get your Vietnam Evisa here.

Vietnam Visa for Fijian citizens

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