Vietnam Visa for Croatian citizens

Vietnam is a breathtaking nature, ancient temples, beautiful beaches, and unique national cuisine. You can go here to soak in the warm water off the coast of the South China Sea, to find out a lot of interesting things on excursions to the Imperial temples and French colonial quarters, as well as in exploring the underwater world – diving in Vietnam is incredibly affordable.

Before planning a trip, it is recommended to find out such details as to how to get to Vietnam, what is the specificity of housing rental, and how to apply for a visa to this country.

For travelers from the “Land of a Thousand Islands,” it will be a pleasant surprise that Vietnam visa for Croatian citizens has recently been issued very easily and simply. This was made possible thanks to the introduction of an electronic visa system for tourists from Europe.

What are the rules for applying for an e-Visa?

An electronic visa to Vietnam is issued using electronic systems of the Ministry of Public Security of Vietnam for a stay of not more than 30 days and is a single entry.

After entering on such a visa, foreign citizens can, if they wish, extend their stay in the country once by receiving an ordinary visa at the Entry and Exit Office of the Ministry of Public Security of Vietnam.

To obtain a Vietnamese e-visa, a Croatian citizen must also have a passport valid for 6 months at the time of entry into Vietnam. In addition, it should be borne in mind that more than 30 days must elapse from your last departure from Vietnam.

A Croatian citizen who has received an electronic visa can enter Vietnam through one of the 28 regulated passport control points. If you plan to cross the border through other points, then you need to get an ordinary visa.

Types of electronic Visa to Vietnam

When applying for an e-visa to visit Vietnam, please note that this document must indicate the purpose of your visit. The Vietnamese government allows guests to apply for three types of electronic visas:

  • Transit
  • Tourist
  • Business

A visa request for transit involves obtaining a one-time electronic permission to cross the border of Vietnam for travelers who need to transfer from one flight to another. This type of visa can be obtained both through the website, and directly at the airport of arrival.

A business visa and a tourist visa are a one-time electronic permission that a person needs for a business trip or for spending a vacation here. Each of these e-visas is valid for one month and is designed for a maximum stay in Vietnam up to 30 consecutive days.

When is the best time to visit Vietnam?

Vietnam extends hundreds of kilometers from the Chinese border to the Gulf of Thailand, and the climate on its lands from north to south is markedly different.

Typical of the tropics, a large amount of rainfall, high humidity and plenty of sunlight await you anywhere in the country, but the best time to travel to Vietnam will still depend on the region.

The northern regions of Vietnam have a temperate tropical climate; the weather is quite variable. The cool season lasts from November to April, the hot – from May to October. In February and March, it drizzles all the time.

In the center of the country from February to August, the dry season with clear weather and air temperature + 30–35 ° C. Heavy rains occur in mid-December, and typhoons often rage in October-November.

The south of Vietnam is warm throughout the year. From November to January, the temperature is slightly lower, from February to May it is very hot. From May to October, the rainy season lasts.

In general, the best time to travel to Vietnam is spring (from February to April) and autumn (August – October). These months have less rain and no suffocating heat. In summer, the heat is unbearable, and because of the high humidity there is nothing to breathe.

Today, the practice of introducing electronic visas is an effective way to develop tourism in most countries of the world. For those wishing to visit Vietnam, an e-visa is a very quick and least costly way to get permission to cross the Vietnamese border.

Vietnam Visa for Croatian citizens


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