How to get a visa for Vietnam?

Are you planning to tour a country in Asia and you may be wondering on how to get a visa for Vietnam? Wonder no more, because you are about to get a vivid description that will enable you to acquire this visa.


  1. Acquiring a Vietnamese Visa
  2. Requirements
  3. Payments
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Everyone will agree with the fact that this country is one of the best tourist destinations located in Southeast Asia for it’s endowed with beautiful landscapes, complex cultural heritage, and the How to get a visa for Vietnambuzzing cities.

However, to gain the entry, you need to have a visa that you will present in the Vietnamese entry points once you step in their soil.

Only the exempted persons are allowed to set a foot there without owning a visa. So, if you are not among them, a visa is transcendent.

Acquiring a Vietnamese Visa

To begin with, acquiring this visa, is a walk in the park provided you follow the laid procedures and also presents the essential documents needed for the visa processing. Usually, there are two main ways that can help you in acquiring this visa.

The first method involves a visit to the Vietnamese embassy that is situated in your country while the other method consists of an online application process at a fee whereby you will be presented How to get a visa for Vietnamwith a visa approval letter by a third party agency.

Once you arrive at the Vietnamese international airports like Saigon, Hanoi or Da Nang you will present the visa approval letter so that you can be issued with a visa.

Basically, the two methods are quite simple but the online application process can be somehow risky if you do the application on a mirror website.

Additionally, there is also a Vietnam e-visa system that has been introduced lately. The online system will assist you to take care of your visa before setting a foot in Vietnam thus simplifying the application process.


Majorly, the type of visas issued by the Vietnamese authorities varies depending on the applicant’s visiting agenda, type of passport, duration of a visit and where he/she is gaining the entry from.

How to get a visa for VietnamThe different types of passports include US passport, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand passport, European passport, ASEAN passport and lastly the South American and the Indian passport.

The passport must possess not less than six months’ worth of legality left so that to acquire this visa.

For the e-visa, you will require a scan/photo and also a recent passport size photo that you will be required to upload and wait for three working days to be emailed it.

Then you should print it and present the e-visa on arrival in Vietnam. Someone shouldn’t confuse an e-visa and a visa approval letter for they are issued by different non-governmental agencies and they don’t guarantee an entry to Vietnam.


After applying for the e-visa, an applicant will be required to pay an online service processing fee. Once the agencies verify your details and your payments an e-visa will be processed and emailed to you.

How to get a visa for VietnamFor the visa approval letter, it takes 2-3 days to be processed at a fee of around $20 that is payable using a credit card. Also, there will be additional charges when you will be presenting the documents (either e-visa or the visa approval letter) at the Vietnam international airports so that you can be issued with a visa.

If you choose to visit the Vietnam embassy in your country, the charges there vary depending on your location.

Parting Shot

In conclusion, it’s important to note that, the Vietnamese embassies are closed in all the Vietnamese national holidays.

Rush and secure your visa to avoid missing out on a memorable Vietnamese trip!


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