Process of getting the Vietnam visa for German citizens

Vietnam if one of the beautiful countries in the world, which so many people dream of visiting. If you have never been there you must look for means of getting there.


  1. Gathering all the required documents
  2. How to apply online for Vietnam visa for German citizens?
  3. Who are allowed to apply for Vietnam visa for German citizens?

Vietnam permits entry to citizens of more than 30 countries without a visa, granted that their stay is not for more than 30 days. If you plan to visit Vietnam for more than 30 days, a visa is Vietnam visa for German citizensrequired.

For a German citizen wanting to enter Vietnam, a passport with at least six months of validity remaining is essential and a visa if the stay is for more than 30 days.

You must also be in touch with the Vietnam embassy website so that you can to learn more about the specific details concerning German citizens who wish to travel to Vietnam.

There are so many documents which are required for Vietnam visa for German citizens.

Gathering all the required documents

The first step is to determine why you will require a visa for your visit.

Next collect all the necessary information for applying such as your travel dates, sponsor, passport, legal names of people travelling with you and employer details.

If you are on a business visit in Vietnam, list the company that you would be working with. If you are visiting a family in Vietnam, then list them as your sponsor.

How to apply online for Vietnam visa for German citizens?

1. Application at the local embassy

This is a sure and a safe method you may consider to apply for your Vietnam visa. However, if you have to go for this method then you will have to spend much time and money as well before you Vietnam visa for German citizenscan obtain your visa. Simply visit the Vietnam local embassy and make the application at the offices.

2. Online application

This is the simplest and fastest way for German citizens to acquire their Vietnam tourist visas. The method is convenient as compared to the local embassy application and therefore preferred by most tourists.

No complex procedures required since it only takes a few minutes to make the online application and wait for about 3-5 days to wait for processing of the visa.

The following are the simple steps you may take to apply your visa online:

  • Simply go to the Vietnam visa application website ( and click on the visa application button,
  • Vietnam visa for German citizensAfter clicking the button, the application form will immediately appear on your screen. Fill in the required details and pay the application fees before submitting the form,
  • Click on the submit button when you are done providing all the required documents.

Your visa approval letter will be mailed to you after your travel documents are verified. It is important therefore to ensure that all the details you provide are correct including your email address.

The visa approval letter accompanied by other travel documents such as your German passport and 2 passport size photos will be submitted on arrival at the airport where you will also receive your full stamped Vietnam visa.

Who are allowed to apply for Vietnam visa for German citizens?

While you are applying for this visa, you must not have any criminal records,since the Vietnam government does not allow any citizens of such kind to visit this beautiful state.

After you submit the online application, print two copies that you will need to mail later. You will be asked to upload digital copies on various documents such as passport, photos etc.
You must be sound mind while you are applying for a visa. In some cases you may be requested to attach your medical report which is signed by an accredited hospital which proves that you are Vietnam visa for German citizensmedically fit to travel to Vietnam.

After you receive mail of approval by the embassy, mail original documents along with copies of your application and the required fees. The email by the embassy will feature information regarding where to send your documents, processing charges, two signed copies of your application form, passport, passport size photos and a prepaid, self addressed envelope with a tracking id.

The online application procedure is quite simple and it would be a wise choice to go for it. Also remember to make the application some time before your travel date to avoid delays and frustrations.

Simply follow the laid procedures to apply for your visa and get to enjoy your stay in Vietnam.


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