Vietnam Visa for Andorran citizens

There are few ways in which Andorran citizens can request a visa for traveling to Vietnam. This article will clearly explain the measures and steps required while applying for a Vietnam visa for Andorran citizens. For more information and details, an Andorran traveler can always refer to e-Visa to Vietnam.

Procedures to obtain a Vietnam Visa for Andorran citizens

The citizens of Andorra who intend to travel to Vietnam for tourism, holiday, or business purposes can apply for a 1 to 6-month visa scheme. A traveler will have to fill out the necessary requests by using our application form.

This form is available online and can be accessed safely and securely. For detailed procedures and visa fees for Vietnam, please see the e-Visa to Vietnam page which can give a clear idea about the entire visa process.

Apply online for a visa to Vietnam

The Vietnam Visa for Andorran citizens hassle-free way of getting to travel to Vietnam. A traveler’s passport gets stamped at the Vietnamese airport by applying online from Andorra

You will just need to fill out the online form with the necessary information, such as the passport number, date of arrival, name and make the payment on the website e-Visa to Vietnam.

An Andorran resident must choose this method, as it is the more realistic way of getting a visa. A traveler must not waste their precious time by sending the passport anywhere, and neither they should for the feedback from the consulate or embassy.

This method is very simple, cost-effective and safe as it eliminates paperwork and loss of data.

There are no hidden charges and rates while applying through our website. This can be a huge boost for Andorran citizens planning for a trip to Vietnam.



Apply for a Visa at the consulate or embassy

In this process, a Vietnam visa for Andorran citizens proves to be a complex way as an Andorran traveler spends both money and time It can be frustrating sometimes while explaining the entire details to the consulate and wait for the proper feedback from them.

A traveler usually submits the passport and necessary documents to the Vietnam consulate or embassy.

This can be confusing and it is difficult to apply through this process as it involves a lot of time. Besides, the consulate or embassy of Vietnam has not been properly established in Andorra.

So, for applying for a visa, an Andorran resident will have to connect with the Embassy of Vietnam in France – which is the nearest country to Andorra. Thus, we recommend Andorran citizens to select the make the best option by submitting the request online through e-Visa to Vietnam.

Some important points to note

A traveler must have a valid passport that is valid for at least six months longer than the Vietnam visa for Andorran citizens.

  • The passport should consist of full-page labels for Vietnam visas, just to make sure that the passport criteria is enough a traveler.
  • Two passport photos for the Vietnam visa must also be sent within 180 days in the form – 2×2 inch. Andorran citizens should complete their visa requests online from our portal matching the necessary details – the passport number and the full name of a traveler and the expiry date of the visa.
  • Andorran citizens who would like to travel to Vietnam must have a permanent entry visa for Vietnam except for citizens of nations that have an exemption from visas included in bilateral agreements with Vietnam.

Applying for a visa is a hassle-free way of planning to travel to Vietnam. It reduces waiting times and is very easy to obtain. Apply online for a Vietnam visa or connect with an embassy today and make your dream come true.

Vietnam visa for Andorran citizens


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