Facts You Must Know about Emergency Visa Vietnam

It is always best to get your visas well in advance before the travel, but in some cases it may not be possible, on such times of uncertainty there are few ways you can get emergency visa Vietnam.


  1. How can you get Emergency Visa Vietnam?
  2. Application process to get emergency visa Vietnam through travel agency
  3. Visa on Arrival
  4. Application Process for Visa on Arrival
  5. Conclusion

How can you get Emergency Visa Vietnam?

There are several travel agents who can assist you getting an emergency visa Vietnam in short period of time.

Emergency Visa VietnamAll you need to do is to visit their place to get the job done, you should know a reliable and responsible travel agent in your locality for a smooth and flawless process. you are trying to get an emergency visa Vietnam, if they are going to show a sorry face at the end then it’s of no use to blame anybody than you.

Cost to procure a visa is generally high when compared with regular process, Many agencies offer visa services for emergency purposes.

Application process to get emergency visa Vietnam through travel agency

You should apply for emergency visa Vietnam through e-mail of the respective agency. A scanned passport copy along with the request for “Rush Visa” should be enough, you should also mention Emergency Visa Vietnamthe name of the airport you are going to enter, they need this information to process your emergency visa Vietnam Application.

The next step is to call them, thus you can confirm the request to get emergency visa Vietnam and discuss the possibilities in detail.

In most cases you will be getting the Visa in a maximum of 30 minutes to 1 hour.

Visa on Arrival

Visa on arrival is a best way to enter Vietnam on emergency situations. You will be provided an Approval letter from Immigration department of Vietnam, the letter will allow you entry in any of the three international airports in Vietnam.

Emergency Visa VietnamImmigration authorities will allow you entry to Vietnam upon verifying the Approval letter with the factual information in your passport and air ticket.

You can get the approval letter within a working day which can allow entry to Vietnam just like an emergency visa Vietnam, you can choose to get the approval letter within 4 to 8 hours for a higher visa fee.

Application Process for Visa on Arrival

Visa on arrival can be applied online in https://go-vietnamvisa.com/, The whole process is online, you don’t have to visit them. You can pay the visa fee online, upon successfully clearing the granting process, you will be able to print the approval letter. You can complete the visa formalities once you enter Vietnam.


Travel agents and Visa on arrival are the two best ways that can work on emergency situations, emergency visa Vietnam is never a problem with the above said ways.

Emergency Visa VietnamAt times your visa application or application for “visa on arrival” may get rejected depending on the purpose of your visit, your personal profile and upon facts that are banned by the law of immigration by Vietnam.

You should always be very careful while entering your personal details like, name age, passport number to avoid rejections. There are cases where people ended up getting denied to enter Vietnam after reaching Vietnam airport.


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