Vietnam Visa for Colombian citizens

If you are looking to travel between October and April, the best destination during this time is undoubtedly Vietnam. There, Colombian travelers can enjoy the divine beaches, crowded cities, and impressive Buddhist pagodas.

It also has 8 cultural heritages officially named by UNESCO, among them are the monuments of Hué, the bay of Ha-Long and the old city of Hoi An. However, all Colombian citizens must have an Electronic Travel Authorization before visiting Vietnam, you will find details below.

Which Colombian citizens require an e-visa to Vietnam?

The need to obtain an e-visa to Vietnam arises from the number of days you will be in the country and the reason for your trip. For example, if the Colombian citizen will be traveling for a vacation, with a duration of no longer than 30 days, you can apply for an e-visa.

Any Colombian professional who intends to attend a conference or business event may also apply for an e-visa. Similarly, your stay will not exceed 30 days.

However, if the purpose of the trip is to move permanently to Vietnam, then you will need to apply for a regular visa at the corresponding government agencies.

What conditions must a Colombian citizen meet to apply for an e-Visa to Vietnam?

The citizen must be of Colombian nationality and must have a passport issued in Colombia. Furthermore, the passport has to be valid for at least 6 months.

Moreover, the Colombian traveler needs to have available a valid credit card that allows you to make payments through the Internet. Finally, the traveler needs to have access to the internet to be able to apply for the e-visa to Vietnam.

What information must a Colombian citizen include in the application for the e-Visa to Vietnam?

Actually, the e-visa application form is very easy to complete and it is a process that takes no more than 10 minutes.

You will need to provide your basic information such as name, date of birth, nationality, address of residence, zip code, telephone number and most importantly, passport number and e-mail address.

Before completing the form, you must ensure that all data is valid, the phone number is active, the passport is valid and the email is correct, as agents may contact you both to give you the approval response and to check the accuracy of the data.

How long does it take for a Colombian citizen to be approved with an e-Visa to Vietnam?

Once the payment has been made online at the end of the application form, the Colombian citizen must wait no longer than 72 hours to receive the approval response for the e-visa to Vietnam. It is important to note, that generally the response is sent to your email.

What are the best hotels for a Colombian traveler to stay in Vietnam?

  • The first choice for all Colombians has always been Mia Resort Mui Ne, as it is an oasis of peace. It has 30 rooms so you will feel the atmosphere relaxed and with extreme privacy.
  • Besides, its restaurant offers the best typical Vietnamese food based on fresh products from the area. Although if you are a kiteboarding lover, this is the ideal place to practice such sport.
  • Secondly, there is the Nam Hai Hotel, a luxurious beachfront resort with extensive white sand to enjoy its wonderful beaches. Within the resort, you can practice yoga, meditation and at the same time revitalize your body and mind.
  • Although its proximity allows you to visit the cultural heritage of the area, such as the Mi-Son Sanctuary and the cities of Hoi An and Hue.
  • The third option is the Anantara Mui Resort & Spa which has private pool villas, tropical rain showers in the gardens and more than 80 rooms available.
  • The specialty of the spa is the four-handed vanilla oil massage, which you will love for sure. Plus, it’s located on Mui Ne beach, which you can’t miss.
  • Vietnam is a country that you will love because it is very rich in history, culture, has the most beautiful landscapes, heavenly beaches and a philosophy of life that spreads peace, joy, and balance.

Besides, because of the ease, Colombians have to explore it thanks to e-Visa, it is undoubtedly a vacation option within everyone’s reach.

Vietnam Visa for Colombian citizens

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