Vietnam visa for Russian citizens

Vietnam visa for Russian citizens

The structure of the country Governance establishes laws and rules to be observed, as the Vietnam Government has listed Russia in the exemption of visa requirement when the visit is under 15 days.


  1. Vietnam visa for Russian citizens
  2. Embassy manual visa application
  3. Over the internet visa application
  4. For online application what is required at airport visa on arrival desk

The only travel document that is needed is the valid Russian passport and only required to submit air ticket at the airport as is the only entry point.

Vietnam visa for Russian citizensTwo processes of obtaining Vietnam visa for Russian citizens:

  • An applicant can visit the Embassy of Vietnam in Moscow
  • An applicant can access the internet and apply for a visa to obtain approval letter for visa on the day of arrival to Vietnam major airport.

The available purposes of visa application are Tourist and Business visa which is only relevant for a visit exceding 15 days for Russian visa applicants.

Embassy manual visa application

The manual process of visa application will require the applicant to provide:

  • original Russian passport,
  • recent standard passport size photographs,
  • and individually addressed envelope for ease of resending the passport with affixed visa.

The maximum days that the Embassy official can take to complete the process 5 working days.

The process has a negative impact on applicants who might be time restraint and those who require to travel a long distance to access the Embassy efficiency is not guaranteed as the method can have backlogs of incomplete visa application, photographs and documents can be erroneously misplaced. Also frequent follow up will be necessary.

Over the internet visa application

An online application is the most efficient and speedy process of visa application, the process is referred to as visa on arrival – for the visa issuing is completed at the airport visa on arrival counter, Vietnam visa for Russian citizensaccess to the internet with the required information at hand enable the applicant to complete the online form.

The simple to fill form is real-time and all information should be provided as per the requirement.

The process can take less than 10 minutes to complete, payment of type of visa processing fee is through debit or credit card, the visa approval letter will be sent to applicant email provided, in 2 working days, during travel day the approval letter should be submitted at the airport entry point, payment of visa stamp fee, and visa is ready within 10 minutes.

For online application what is required at airport visa on arrival desk:

  • Valid Russian passport,
  • Printed Visa approval letter,
  • Two passport size photographs,
  • Stamp fee.

Visa on arrival is eligible for visitors arriving through Vietnam airport, the visa duration is broken down into 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and 1-year validity, and it is also categorized as a single Vietnam visa for Russian citizensperson entry or multiple entry for each duration.

There are three listed processing time services as per visa application urgency which comes with an extra cost.

Normal processing – 2 working days
Urgent – 1 working day
Super urgent- 4 hours
Super urgent – 2 hours.
Note: The visa processing fee is different from the visa stamp fee.

All the required option choices are available at the online form which is easy to understand and commence on filling.

Enjoy the wonderful visit to Vietnam as a tour or business ventures.

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