Top ideas on obtaining a Vietnam visa for Romanian Citizens

There are quite a variety of amazing places in Vietnam where you can probably wish to visit. If you have ever had a dream to visiting the country then it is time you need to make up your mind and make your travel arrangements.


  1. Methods of applying the Vietnam visa
  2. Visa at the local embassy
  3. The online application

The procedures of acquiring a Vietnam visa for Romanian citizens have been simplified and it does not costs you much funds to obtain all the required documents.

Vietnam visa for Romanian CitizensFor a Romanian passport holders, the process is even faster since the only remaining procedure is to obtain the Vietnam visa and paying the necessary charges to the immigration officers.

You can acquire the visa either for business purposes, tour or any other legal reason. If you are visiting Vietnam for the first time, then there is nothing to worry about on getting the required documents.

This guide is prepared into detail to help you gain enough knowledge on obtaining a Vietnam visa for Romanian citizens.

Methods of applying the Vietnam visa

There are mainly two ways to make the visa application. This includes:

  • applying the visa at the local embassy,
  • the online application

Vietnam visa for Romanian Citizens1. Visa at the local embassy
This is the traditional way of making the application which requires you to visit the Vietnam embassy in your country to enquire the visa.

This method is hardly preferred due to delays and long procedures.

It is also costly since you have to travel to the embassy and also pay the application charges. If you have to use this method, then you need to make the application some time before the travelling date.

2. The online application
This is the simplest way in which every Romanian visitor who want to travel to Vietnam can enquire their visa.

The process is quite simple and fast as well. All you have to do through this method is to visit the Vietnam visa application website for Romanian citizens and make the application.

Below are the simple steps you can follow to acquire your visa on time.

  • Visit the Vietnam Visa application website specifically for the Romanian citizens.
  • Click the application icon and fill all the required details. You will also be required to make some payments for the application charges and you have no option but make the payments to Vietnam visa for Romanian Citizenscomplete the application. You however need not to worry about the safety of your personal information provided. The Vietnam government guarantees you the safety of your details and you have the right to sue anyone just in case the agreement is breached.
  • After providing all the required information, you can now submit the application.

The whole procedure is all done after pressing the submit button. What you can do now is to wait until the visa is approved and receive your travel documents within 3 to 5 days after making the application. You will then obtain your visa on arrival after submitting the approved documents.

Obtaining the Vietnam visa for Romanian citizens is so simple and you therefore have no restrictions to obtaining one provided you comply with the rules.

Use the above steps to make your application and enjoy your trip to Vietnam.

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