Vietnam Visa for Georgian citizens

Among tourists, there is an opinion that Vietnam is same Thailand, only more natural, not so “captured” by tourists. In fact, these are two completely different countries, each with its own advantages.

Real Vietnam is the ancient temple complexes of departed civilizations and the natural beauties of national parks, healthy and delicious food, the cheapest diving in the world, and resorts with a distinctly European flair: after all, it is a former French colony.

Vietnam visa for Georgian citizens is a great opportunity to get acquainted with the culture of this ancient country and get an unforgettable experience!

What is an electronic visa for Vietnam?

The official name of the electronic visa is e-visa to Vietnam. E-visa is one of several types of visas offered by the Vietnam Immigration Department for foreigners entering the country.

An electronic Vietnamese visa is a simple online process for obtaining permission to visit this unique country, accessible to citizens of 80 countries, including Georgia. Registration and payment of an electronic visa are fully online and take no more than three days.

An electronic visa is valid for 30 days and only a single entry.

Types of e-visa to Vietnam

Vietnam government issues the following types of visas:

  • tourist – this is what travelers most often draw up;
  • transit – for those who plan to make a transplant in Vietnam; issued for a period of 24 to 72 hours, in practice is very rare;
  • business – for those who are traveling for work or for business purposes.

Your e-visa is valid for entry at any of the 28 international checkpoints in the country, including eight international airports.

Remember that an electronic visa to Vietnam can be obtained only twice per calendar year – from January to December, and an ordinary one – to apply immediately upon returning to your homeland.

Applying for e-Visa

The process of obtaining electronic permission to visit Vietnam is very easy and fast and takes place in a few simple steps:

  • Open the website to apply for an electronic visa
  • Download .jpg images of the passport data page and passport photo
  • Fill in all the necessary information on the passport data page
  • Fill in all the necessary information about your trip
  • Pay for an electronic visa using any of the proposed payment methods
  • Get your registration code and save the ID number

Be sure to save your registration number – you will need it to check and download a visa later!

Difference between regular and e-visa

An electronic visa, in contrast to the usual “paper” stamp in a passport, is issued via the Internet, online, you do not need to go and go anywhere. In addition, an electronic visa does not require an invitation.

What are the disadvantages of the old approach? This is longer, more expensive, involves additional delays at the airport of arrival, and is justified, in general, only if you need a multivisa.

Yes, applying for an invitation letter is quite simple, but upon arrival, you will still have to suffer from an immigration card, stand in line for a visa, etc.

Reasons to visit Vietnam

Before thinking about applying for an e-visa to Vietnam, it is worth familiarizing yourself with the main advantages of a holiday in this Asian country:

  • The South China Sea. For whatever impressions you travel to Vietnam, one of its attractions is sure to bring you many of the most pleasant minutes and emotions. This South China Sea is a great meeting place for the Pacific and Indian Oceans. And the best way to get to know him is diving. In Vietnam, this undoubted leader among marine tourist attractions is well developed and widespread.
  • Breathtaking natural landscapes. Vietnam does not have to work hard to surprise visitors with natural attractions. The country is by no means deprived of natural beauties, and you can count on wonderful views, landscapes, and walks in any part of Vietnam. The face of the natural beauty of Vietnam is Halong Bay.
  • Vietnam is a true paradise for gourmet. During your stay here you can have time to enjoy not only local but also Mexican, Italian, Indian cuisine. A separate topic of culinary delights in Vietnam is fish and seafood. In a few places, you can find the same oysters, scallops, and lobsters at the same low price. But the main culinary attraction of Vietnam was and will be soup Pho. Rich in vitamins and minerals, nutritious, but not too high in calories and affecting your weight, pho will help you more than once in a series of tourist activities.

Vietnam Visa for Georgian citizens


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