Vietnam Visa for Kazakhstani citizens

In life, there are infinite reasons to travel, from celebrating a honeymoon, enjoying a divine vacation, to honoring a birthday or even an anniversary.

What better place than Vietnam to do so, as it is a country so rich in landscape, culture, and history that it undoubtedly makes it an ideal Southeast Asian attraction.

Kazakhstani citizens will find in Vietnam more than 30 national parks with preserved environments for sports activities such as trekking, cycling, rafting, birdwatching, camping, and more.

Although it is important that before you start your adventure to Vietnam, you should comply with the legal requirements that all Kazakhstani requires, detailed below.

In an agreement between Kazakhstan and Vietnam, the facility has been granted to opt for an electronic travel authorization, when the duration does not exceed 30 days.

This permit replaces the regular visa, but only in those cases where the Kazakhstani traveler has only the purpose of vacation, tourism, or business.

To apply for the electronic travel authorization, you only need to fill out a form, attaching the most important data such as passport number, phone number, the reason for travel, and your data.

What are the benefits of opting for an e-visa to Vietnam for a Kazakhstani citizen?

For a Kazakhstani citizen, the main benefit is that the whole process is done through the internet, so you can easily fill out the application form for the e-visa to Vietnam at the time that suits you best, without doing any legal paperwork at the corresponding embassies, which can take days.

Another benefit is fast approval of the travel authorization, it does not take more than 72 hours to get the approval response so you can make your trip to Vietnam without waiting so long in between.

How far in advance must a Kazakhstani citizen apply for an e-visa to Vietnam?

It is recommended that every Kazakhstani citizen apply at least 7 days before the trip, but in fact, you can apply for your e-visa to Vietnam in advance as the service is available 24 hours a day, all year round, without stopping on holidays.

Can a Kazakhstani citizen apply for several e-visas to Vietnam for family members at the same time?

Yes, you can. The only requirement is that each family member must complete the process individually, each Kazakhstani passenger must fill out a separate application form for the e-visa to Vietnam.

However, it is a very simple process, which will not take much time to complete.

Which entertainment activities can a Kazakhstani tourist do in Vietnam?

A Kazakhstani traveler can make use of the e-visa to Vietnam to enjoy the wonderful natural places that make it up, however, an excellent way of entertainment is to visit the different cinemas that will surprise you with both their quality and style. Among the best stand out:

  1. CGV Cinema located in Ho Chi Minh City is the largest in Vietnam and has the most advanced technologies such as IMAX, 4DX, Dolby Atmos audio system, and STARIUM. Although it is very famous because it has luxurious rooms to enjoy a movie with your partner but with a touch of privacy and excellent cuisine service at the same time.
  2. Also located in Ho Chi Minh City, the Galaxy Cinema is designed under international standards which offers all its visitors the ideal opportunity for entertainment and relaxation. It has 2D and 3D rooms designed by experts from the Warner Bros. group in Hollywood, as well as an incredible surrounding audio system.
  3. Finally, the most innovative cinema is called Cineplex located in Binh District, it has a room called L’Amour that has 12 beds for one or two adults. It is the first cinema in Vietnam where you can watch a movie lying down. At the same time, you can eat some snacks and drink tea or coffee. For your comfort, each bed has long and small pillows and sheets. You will be surprised by the romantic atmosphere of the room with its candles and good attention during the movie.

So it’s a good time to apply for your e-visa to Vietnam and take advantage of visiting these wonderful places to get away from the routine, from everyday life and create new unforgettable memories.

Vietnam Visa for Kazakhstani citizens

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