Vietnam Visa for Icelandic citizens

In Vietnam, in addition to tasting a variety of delicious dishes, especially Southeast Asian delicacies, you also have the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful Nanyan scenery and find many Spanish, European, or Asian classic-style architecture.

The most well-known attractions are Vinh Ha Long, Da Nang, and Ho Chi Minh. Vinh Ha Long is one of the many islands scattered in the green bay. The scenery is magnificent, and the waves are vast and breathtaking.

Da Nang is the most beautiful coastal city in Vietnam, suitable for tourism all year round, and you can take the coastal railway train to the ancient capital- Hue. As the ancient capital of Vietnam, Hue has too many historical relics.

For those who like the humanistic journey don’t miss it. Ho Chi Minh is the largest and most prosperous city in Vietnam, with a well- developed entertainment industry.

Hot weather in Ho Chi Minh, a glass of Saigon cold beer is the best way to cool down. This is Ho Chi Minh’s most famous specialty.

Vietnam Visa for Icelandic citizen

Travelers can save lots of time and unnecessary inconveniences, thanks to the new electronic visa system.

The eVisa system was introduced in 2017 by the Vietnamese government.

The system allows travelers to apply for a permit before traveling to Vietnam. The applicant only needs to submit an online application and upload a copy of the passport along with a portrait photo.

They do not need to apply for extra documents in advance, waiting in a long line and worrying if they are going to get the approval at the airport.

They don’t need to go to many institutions to collect a necessary document to get a visa through other official departments neither. Travelers can apply the electronic visa depends on their needs.

For instance, if they are traveling to Vietnam for meetings, training, exhibitions, or cooperation, then a business eVisa is a good option.

However, if they would like to go there for a lovely holiday, sightseeing, and visiting friends or family, there’s no other type of visa that will be better than tourist eVisa. The fee of eVisa costs 79 EUR per application.

All the applicants with a valid passport need to apply it individually and in advance.

How to obtain an e-Visa to Vietnam

Now, apply eVisa to Vietnam and prepare the luggage for the trip. Before you get started, you don’t have to be panic while applying the eVisa. As we mentioned, the eVisa is a simple and friendly-use system for travelers to get the visa.

The website provides supports in several languages. Not only in English but also in German, Chinese, Russian, Spanish, Italian, and other languages. Applicants can select the language which is more comfortable for them during the whole procedure.

Let’s get started for the online process! On the main page, you can find a green bottom with “ Apply Online For Vietnam eVisa” to begin your application.

Provide your personal data and passport details in the required fields. While filling in the form, we recommend you confirm the data written on the passport. Next, select the purpose of the visit to the intended date of entry.

The entry date must be accurate. It will be stated on the approved visa. The wrong information may influence the plan for travelers.

There will be no possibility to correct or adjust any data after approval.

They can enter either before the expiration period or apply a new one if it’s necessary. In the third step, upload the required documents, which are a copy of the applicant’s passport and a portrait photo.

Only need to provide the page which contains name, nationality, date of birthday and the issuance and expiry of the passport. Both required documents must be clear and without reflections.

Later, make a payment after submission. The website accepts many types of payment methods. Such as master card, visa card, Ali pay and bank transfer, etc… The last step is to wait up to 72 hours then check your inbox if you have received your eVisa approval.

If yes, please print it out and present it at the borders with your valid passport to the immigration officer. Then, enjoy your trip!

Vietnam Visa for Icelandic citizens


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