Vietnam Visa for Belarusian citizens

A few years ago, the processing of the Vietnam visa was a bit more complicated since you had to go to the embassy/consulate, etc. For a couple of years, Vietnam has made a series of visa policy reforms, and it has made it a bit easier for us.

Belarusian citizens who are traveling to Vietnam for tourism or business purpose can opt for a visa exemption for 15 days or less.

Therefore, if you are going to travel for tourism or business for less than two weeks, you can do it without the need to process any visa.

All countries that do NOT need a visa to travel to Vietnam

If you have a passport from any of these countries, you do not need a visa:  Chile (90 days), Spain, Italy, France, Germany, United Kingdom, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Belarus, Japan, and South Korea.

Of course, this has some limitations:

  • Your stay cannot exceed 15 days (except Chileans who can be up to 90 days without a visa).
  • Remember that you can only be 15 days from your arrival in the country, this visa exemption is only one entry. To be able to enjoy the visa exemption again, 30 days must pass since you leave the country to be able to re-enter a visa.

The Embassy also recommends traveling with proof of departure from the country within the 15 days marked by the visa exemption (reservation of departure ticket).

For all trips to Asia, it is equally advisable to ensure that the passport has more than two blank pages.

If you intend to re-enter before 30 days, you must process eVisa to Vietnam. This visa is valid both to enter by land borders, international airports, or seaports.

How to make an electronic visa with the help of our website is an online platform specialized in making eVisas to Vietnam. Our website is all in English, and we serve customers globally.

These are the requirements you need to apply for an electronic visa (eVisa) in Vietnam as a Belarusian citizen:

  • Your travel period is less than 30 days
  • You do not enter the country more than once
  • You are Belarusian citizen
  • You have the latest photo
  • Your passport is valid for at least six months
  • You have a plane ticket to get back
  • Presentation letter

More details about passport

  • You must send your original passport. The passport must:
  • Have a minimum validity of 6 months from the date of submission to the consulate. For visas with more than one entry, it must be valid for three months from the expiration date of the requested visa
  • Have at least one blank page for the visa

More details about photographs

You must attach a color passport-sized photograph. The photograph must meet the following requirements:

  • Have been taken in the last three months and be printed on high-quality photo paper
  • Have a white background
  • Have a measurement of 35mm by 45mm
  • The photo is taken in front of the camera with a neutral expression (without smiling)
  • Having been taken without glasses and with the head uncovered except for religious purposes
  • The photo must not be attached to the application and must not have staples or adhesive tape marks

More details about presentation letter

If it is a business trip, you must provide a business cover letter from your Belarusian employer. The message must be printed on letterhead paper that shows the postal address of the company in Belarus. All business presentation letters should be addressed to the corresponding consulate

Final thoughts

The great advantage of the electronic visa is that you can do all the procedures from home and save hours of traffic jams at the airport.

Once the payment is completed, we will inform you of the approval of your application by email.

If everything is in order, the visa will be yours. You only have to cross the border and start enjoying Vietnam. We recommend you to do a Free Walking Tour upon arrival, to get to know the city and its curiosities a little more.

We hope this article helps you with your next trips. If you have any questions, leave us a comment or send us an email and we will help out!

Vietnam visa for Belarusian citizens

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